Mayor Match – Enjoyable mini-games await you

[Game] Mayor Match

Mayor MatchWelcome to our Town!

Help the Mayor by breaking obstacles and beat levels.

Complete tasks as you complete fantastic match 3 levels. Create power-ups by making matches and look for the most useful combination to help you pass the puzzle levels! In addition, enjoyable mini-games await you in each chapter.

Come now and join the Mayor in this adventure!

Mayor Match Features;

Amazing power-ups and powerful combos!
Different boosters to relax you when you feel stuck!
Lots of mini-games with different mechanics!
Help your townspeople in every chapter by completing tasks!
Complete all unique levels to compete with skilled players!

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Mayor Match user reviews :

I disagree with some of the reviews about how easy this game is. It was in the beginning but I think that this game got harder a lot faster than for most when you are a beginner. I play these games to relax, not to be frustrated. I hate to win an hour of unlimited lives but if it takes the whole hour to get through only like 2 levels it’s not worth it to me.

Something wrong with Level 821… I have finished all the goals but the game is still carrying on without moving to the next level. I tried restarting the game but the issue still persists.. I’m losing lives due to this… get this sorted asap pls..

So the developers just couldn’t keep up! I waited a very long time for new levels. Just kept playing random games and waiting. Now everything is back to the beginning. I lost all pregame power-ups, and i had a lot!! NOW, i play one level, win, and a random pointing hand appears. Nothing happens, game frozen. Developer released a game they couldn’t complete!

If you’re out of moves and don’t finish the level the game ends to quickly and you really don’t have a chance to see if you want to continue by using tokens or by watching an ad.

From the games that was on my phone, and unistalled some, I’d found this one much more playing time and I’d enjoy this game alot. So I’d given it 5 stars, and nor much ads to this game.

I think you’ve gotten a good start, but you need to fix a few things. Most importantly, please add a connection to FB or Google to save the game. Also critical, release your new levels and updates frequently and regularly.. You need a “Helps” counter next to each teammate’s name on team. Your Mayor’s Pass purchase messes up so user does NOT get all rewards!!! Your support team needs respond to problems and be accessible from within the game.

Only one complaint cuz it doesn’t load at times, no ads unless u wanna watch videos to get boosters when u run out of them which is a good thing cuz I get irritated especially during pregnancy when ads come up on games other then getting them for boosters to help u with a level but this game doesn’t have ads after each level like other match 3 games so it’s enjoyable with no ads, I’ll rate it 5 stars after I play more then 50 levels n now I’m on level 31 so not too long from now

this game keeps my interest and is fun to play I always want to get to the next level can’t put it down

What happened to the ads after you’ve used up your moves you could watch ads to replace them? Game was fun. Didn’t mind the ads because they really helped you out a lot but for some reason they’re gone now

Really a great way to relax and allow yourself some downtime. I think all you need to do is try it..and you decide.. simple way to let stress out and move forward

I love this game it’s pretty easy and eventually get challenging which I love when it gets harder and better I don’t like alot of easy games cuz I get through it to quickly so I love enjoy taking my time at challenging games

I loved the game until I reached level 582. That level is unbeatable because one of the grass squares will not clear no matter what you do.

Class game but having to shut the app down 3 or 4 times when loading up as it freezes is annoying!! Fix it please

First impression: FANTASTIC! Quickest Match 3 game play I’ve ever seen. Almost no “fluff.” Great graphics. Super excited to find this! Second impression: DISAPPOINTED. I just completed level 45, labeled “Hard.” I used no boosters apart from what the game me automatically for my “winning streak.” I didn’t have to try very hard to win, and when I finished, I still had 18 moves remaining. ON A HARD LEVEL. Way too easy = BORING.

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