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Feature support varies by product

Cutting-Edge Software and Hardware:
PreciSense: Precision LIDAR navigation for efficient home cleaning.
Sensient: A sensor matrix for safer movement around the home.
OpticEye: Highly accurate vision-based motion control and navigation
ReactiveAI: Artificial intelligence for recognizing and avoiding common home objects.
VibraRise: More effective mopping through sonic vibration, with a mop that can be automatically lifted off the floor.

The Roborock app has been designed to give you total control over your Roborock robot, from home layout to cleaning schedules, cleaning strength, and more. Once you’ve set it up the way you want it, you can leave your robot to work.

Feature Highlights

After it’s first run around your home, your Roborock robot will show you your floorplan and automatically divide your rooms, unlocking a world of customizations.

Set multiple schedules from hourly to daily to weekly, hitting different rooms with each one. You can clean the kitchen after breakfast and even the whole house when everyone’s gone out.

Tailor cleaning to the demands of each room. Crank up suction for the nursery, use more water on tiled kitchens, and lower suction when you need things quiet. The control is yours.

Draw up to five zones, and clean each zone up to three times, for when you want to tackle more stubborn dirt or just don’t need entire rooms cleaned.

Use up to 10 No-Go Zones and 10 Invisible Walls to avoid thick carpets, keep robots away from delicate art, and more—all without a single hardware add-on.

Save up to four maps in your home and tailor cleaning to match each floor. Your robot will recognize the floor it’s on automatically, so you can simply watch it work.

Watch your robot move through your home, seeing the exact route it’s taken and any obstacles it has avoided along the way.

Feature Compatibility:
Multi-Level Mapping is available on [TBC] only
Obstacle avoidance is available on S6 MaxV only
Room specific suction scheduling is available on [TBC] only
Room specific mopping is available on S6 MaxV and S5 Max only.

Contact Us
Customer Service Phone: 400-900-1755 (Mainland China)
E-mail: service[at] (Mainland China), (EU), (Other Areas)

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Roborock user reviews :

Navigation seems to get worse with updates, not better. I think Computer Science university freshmen would do a better job designing the user interface. Just make sure they use the app weekly. The recently added splash screen that advertises the fact that they got reviewed (on privacy features) is a big inconvenient: it takes 2-3 more seconds to start the app. Otherwise it mostly does the job. I’m using the Google Assistant voice commands to bypass their cumbersome UI.

The app is not perfect, but is very usable and does work as supposed. There are some things missing and some nuisances, it may be necessary to rescan rooms from time to time or whatever, but this is rarely a problem and it’s probably just adding a couple of minutes to the vacuuming process. Overall the robot and the app work, and they do a great job, given the complexity of these things and most importantly comparable to other products in this range.

I’ve bought s5max a few weeks ago. For a few days I could change the different floor maps from a menu on the main map screen, that option is gone now. I have to go to my maps and hit restore on the floor I want to clean. And since I have added a third floor, there is always one of the maps, randomly, that fails to load and I need to hit recover button. What happened with the multi floor mapping???

Love the room sequence cleaning latest addition, thank you, one of the best features!!! What i would like also added is to select a zone to be re-mapped, if let’s say you have a big livingroom and square feet coverage or hall, it will scan it and sometimes distort it diagonally. I would like to be able to fix that without having to re-map everything else. Thank you Devs!

The app is not very smooth. It will not mark my rooms as clean able space so i can’t select it in the app. The app tells me to do something to fix the problem but the solution is not actually there. I can’t select a grey map space and make it a room manually. I waste lots of time trying to make this app do what it is supposed to do. One of my hallways has a baby gate too. The mop can’t seem to map on both side of that gate if you disturbed the mapping process. They need to fix that simpleproblem

  • Thanks for posting. We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience and we appreciate your feedback. We will forward your advice to our developing department and hope they could improve it in future.

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