Chef Town – Your cooking tale has only begun

[Game] Chef Town

Chef Town What’s that in your hand?

It’s the keys to your very own restaurant!
Can you become the master of the kitchen in this feverishly fun time-management game? Put your apron on, don that chef hat, and get cooking!

Fill your garden with only the best ingredients and watch as customers flock to your restaurant as you serve them hundreds of unique, tasty meals.

Your cooking tale has only begun!


Unlock hundreds of tasty meals to serve to your patrons! Keep that kitchen running to serve the freshest food to your customers!

Build your reputation and become a cooking star! Discover more and more delicious meals and the most extravagant food as you progress in your quest to become a 5-star chef!

Your restaurant is truly your own – whether you want to create a sleek 5-star look or a cozy cafe, the choice is yours!

Everyone’s got that restaurant fever! Visit your friends and community members! You’ll discover the cutest cafes and awesome restaurants!

There’s always something new in Chef Town! Enjoy special seasonal decorations, ingredients, and meals to immerse yourself in the fever of the current season!

Put your cooking and time-management skills to the test in special cooking competitions! Become the best chef in town and prove your food’s worth!

Are you ready to tell your very own cooking tale?

Do you feel up to the challenge of becoming a world-famous 5-star chef?
You can do it!
Your restaurant is waiting for you!
Welcome to Chef Town!

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Chef Town user reviews :

A mostly good implementation of Chefville. Really frustrating that you can’t get multiple copies of appliances. Game instructs you to get a second soup stove early on but after that it’s impossible to get any other appliance more than once, the ones you already have disappear from the shop. The expansion requirements are unevenly spread out. Global events are pointless. And I’m stuck on a task for which I’ll have to go up 6 levels to be able to finish it (salad bar 12 stars).

Cost way to much, I get charged for more than it says. Keeps crashing and the meals take a stupid amount of time to cook. The good things about the game is building up the restaurant and the amount of good looking furniture ect. And now it won’t load at all. I’m on level 24, not happy at all. And I think if I unstalled it then install it I might have to start the game from the beginning which would really suck!!!! But I’ll try and if I have to restart the game, the game people can go !

I love it! The things I don’t like is that you have remove the titles one by one instead of able to remove them all at once and the other thing is that the cost of the floor and wall decorations is crazy. Majority of the floor and wall decorations you have to buy with gem’s. Yes I understand you wanna make money but the cost just to decorate it’s a lot of gem’s for some items. People ain’t (well some people) gonna keep spending money for a game that’s free!

Nice concept, fairly addicting, and no ads. The only downside is the graphics. It looks like it was make in 2015 and never updated again. The last time it was undated was in 2018 which makes sense. I wouldn’t recommend if you want a game that is fun and looks pretty. It’s not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever.

This is one of the best cooking games available. I wanted to give 5 starts but some of the dishes have far too long of a wait to be done so early into the game levels; cost of items are too high for the coin return to be so low; too many points and coins required for expansions; the music isn’t constant – it’s a catchy tune; all the decent store decor choices requires way too many gems/coins far too early in the games and the cheaper choices are plain. However, I still enjoy playing.

I love this game however, I had to start completely over from scratch when I upgraded my tablet from being on level 47 to. I spent money on in app purchases on this game over the years and was not thrilled to be starting all the way over. I would have given it 5 stars if this had not occurred. It would be nice if there was a way to sync it to social media like many other games to then just be able to log in with your so ial media and it automatically loading your saved data. Not happy at all!!

i played this game years ago and stopped and changed my phone. Now i am so thrilled literally to be able to play it again! Still one of the best games i have ever played: great graphics, challenges and reward system to players. this is a must play for fans of cafe world and for those who enjoy designing and managing a restau. Kudos to the developer and to the team. Definitely highly recommended!

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