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[Game] Fashion Nation – Style & Fame

Fashion Nation Curate your style and build your dream wardrobe, gain fans and followers who eagerly await your next makeover project, from magazines’ top covergirls, to ultra-famous celebrity models.

Once you style a fabulous outfit and pair it with the latest trends in hair & makeup, you’ll be ready to prove your fashion skills… Challenge other stylists! Dress up, finish your makeover and compete with other models in the fashion show. This is your chance to shine and impress other fashionistas like you.

Put your skills to the test, vote for the best outfits, and climb up to the coveted Fashion Icon status!

Fill your closet with beautiful clothes, stunning shoes, unique jewelry, and eye-catching accessories! With thousands of pieces to choose from, you can develop your own personal style. Others will covet your fashion styles and give you the chance to develop your own look that will skyrocket your celebrity status in the fashion empire!

Dress for fabulous events and fashion shows by skillfully putting together pieces from our wide array of items into gorgeous looks! Try out different styles or do a complete model makeover with all the clothes and accessories that you can find! Whether you’re attending a VIP party, a red carpet or are on a beach in the Caribbean, dress to impress!

Prove you’re at the top of the game by going head to head with other stylists and fashionistas! Show the other models what your style and makeover game is all about. Be the most coveted stylist in the fashion world. Dress up for the same event and see who gets most votes from the community and wins Best Dressed!

Vote on who wore it best and decide who the rising stars in Fashion Nation are! Be the judge and ignite your passion for fashion by watching other models compete for fame and recognition in the fashion world. Cast your vote on who picked the right outfit for the event and who styled a fashion faux-pas!

Make sure your looks are #goals and gain more and more followers with every outfit! Climb up the hierarchy of the fashion world, dominate the runway, become a top stylist, influence the current trends, and decide what’s hot and what’s not!

Download Fashion Nation and start ruling!

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Fashion Nation user reviews :

I really enjoy this game. It went downhill with the update. When you try to win the challenges even if every piece meets both of the styles you lose and your opponent looks a hot mess. If you don’t have the Diamonds to buy new every time you basically don’t stand a chance, even if you do buy a whole new outfit perfectly matching the description you will lose. I am all for fair competition and don’t expect to win every time but I have wasted so many Diamonds trying. I used to be better.

Was really enjoying the game until I noticed that items I’ve bought keep disappearing out of my closet. That is really, really annoying. Voting system doesn’t work. What’s the point of having challenges when a ballgown can win an athleisure brief? Some new challenges would be good too, same ones over and over again. Game has a lot of potential, it could be perfect.

So I used to love playing this game. But it’s not being fair anymore. That’s why I’m rating 3stars and I hardly ever rate a game. So you should feel special developers. It’s hard in the fashion world. But when you style it right and tick all the check marks but you still get a low score, that’s not right. The voting system should be fair because it’s not. I try so hard on every challenge just to get a low score. Someone wearing a summer dress wins in a rebel challenge. I think not!

I love this game very engaging BUT I only give 4 stars because of the unfair voting system. People voted outfits that are not aligned with the theme. Also, I found out that, for as long as it is trending and unworn, even if it didn’t adhere to the theme, you will win votes. I encountered a model who wore a wedding gown in a cozy cabin category and earned more votes than the opponent. Also, please include a gallery of our past entries and its scores.

Love it at first, but it is very expensive and impossible to win. In training mode, a category about summer was asked and I designed mine with shirt and shorts but I lost to somebody wearing a long gown. WHHHHAAATTT??? Voting system is NOT FAIR. And to win, you gotta keep buying although it is very practical to repeat outfits in so many cases. Rewards are kinda NOT enough too. Still playing but please improve. Takes long time to earn too.

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