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ChordbotChordbot : Songwriting tool / electronic accompanist for the mobile musician.

Chordbot lets you create and play advanced chord progressions easily on your phone. Useful for songwriting experiments, as accompaniment for your guitar / saxophone / theremin solos or as a backing band for your shower singing sessions.

* 60 chord types in all keys/inversions
* 50+ comping styles (full version)
* Slash chords
* Transposition
* Automatic inversion selection
* Automatic song generator
* MIDI/WAV file export (full version)

This lite version has fewer comping styles than the full version and some features have been disabled (save/export/song-o-matic). Audio demos on

Chordbot user reviews:

make it more helpful for newbs and it’ll really shine. preset progressions, recommendations “preferred” chords to follow each chord, determine likely key and suggest chords, chord selection could be more intuitive (believe it or not)

This is an amazing app that really helps the song writing process when I don’t have a guitar handy…going to purchase the full version!!!

Just what I need…I’m buying the pro version definitely cos the lite version has only one pattern but that’s useful too if u need a sudden inspiration r sth

This is what I wanted to enjoy playing my guitar. It’s like band in the box only much more easyer to configure and the best thing about it is that it’s on my phone. Will buy the full version it’s the best app in the market for baking traks. 10 stars

Best app I have ever used for songwriting, not that I have much experience

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PAid Version:


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