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Inware  Get to know the specifications of your device with Inware.

Since 2018, Inware has been constantly evolving and improving to offer you the best possible experience. Design is part of that experience. Because Inware uses Google’s latest Material Design, you can enjoy a modern and beautiful interface while easily finding information about your device. On top of that, Inware is entirely free and contains no ads. It also relies on data coming directly from your own device.

Whether you’re a developer or a user, Inware can help you learn more about your device.

Available specifications

Android-related information (current version, preloaded version, Treble support, Seamless updates support, active slot, etc.)
Display information (name, resolution, size, aspect ratio, refresh rate, etc.)
Hardware information (CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.)
Network & connectivity information (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.)
Camera information (megapixels, apertures, OIS & EIS support, etc.)
Battery information (capacity, current, voltage, temperature, etc.)
Media DRM information (supported DRM, security level, vendor, version, etc.)
And many more

For any questions, please contact me at mail[at]

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Inware user reviews :

The app works well to quickly and easily display hardware and software info about my phone. It’s great for its intended purpose. This is one of the first third party apps I’ve used that supports the Android 12 Material You feature, and it works exactly the way it should. Turn on “use system colors” and from then on everything is the same color as apps like Gmail. I hope more apps can do this in the future.

Been using this app for a few weeks now, and I am incredibly surprised that this is probably the only app that tells me how fast my phone is charging in Watts. It’s fantastic! Now I can tell how fast my Chargers and battery packs are actually charging my phone. One recommendation that I have is to add a feature that shows the Watts in the status bar. Not the other useless information just the Watts. I would actually pay really good money for that! Please consider adding that features.

Not happy that all the amazing theme colors were removed, I really liked having options, I do although like having a theme that matches the system, that’s fine, but please re-add all the previous themes to go along with the system theme option.
  • evowizz
  • Thank you for your feedback. I’ll think about it
This app utilises all the new UI theming provided in android 12, but how did you implement themed icon, i thought only a few apps were supported by pixel launcher, i have been searching over internet for documentation or tutorial or any sample project that implements this feature i did not found any, can you help me with this?
  • evowizz
  • Thanks for your feedback! I’m afraid you may be mistaken. Inware does not support themed icons on Android 12.

This app is great, the UI is clean, but I expected a “sensors” hardware check would be available here but hey, room for improvement. Nice app.

Thanks to the developer of this app! This is the best alternative to CPU-Z. And the UI is so slick unlike other device info apps

Way better UI than CPU-Z. But missing some features auch as Sensors Information.

Really minimalistic and Android 12 based design ! + It’s free ^^ . Good luck improving the app dev/devs!
  • evowizz
  • Thank you!

App does everything I expected it to do. Was led to believe it did not follow system theme, but it Does!

Its simple and easy to get information and no ads at all.

I’ve wanted to check my battery health, but I just haven’t done it. I checked it from that app in just seconds. Great work overall, the design is super clean, and it presents the information in a easy to digest manner. Again, great work! Not to mention, it’s from a trusted friend and developer!
  • evowizz
  • Thanks!
Beautifully designed app, shows every conceivable information without being cluttered and in an organized way. Ad-free and light on permissions!
  • evowizz
  • Thanks a lot!

Hey, amazing app! I have a bug to report. I have a OnePlus Nord (AC2001) and my face authentication shows the wrong value, it is supported. Face Authentication: Not Supported

The cleanest and best looking interface in a system info app I have seen in my many years of using Android!

Really nice info app, loved the fresh design :) The only problem is that it probably relies on camera2api for getting camera info so like all of it is wrong for my device (Galaxy A32 4G)
  • evowizz
  • Thanks for your review! It does rely on the Camera2 API. Unfortunately the details are often misleading because of manufacturers. A warning will be added in the next version of Inware to alert users about that issue. Thank you!

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