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[Game] Cryptogram – puzzle quotes

CryptogramDecipher the hidden text to reveal the motivational quote!

Can you figure out the pattern in each cryptogram puzzle? You’ll be rewarded with a thoughtful message by one of hundreds of different poets, preachers and prophets!

A cryptogram is a word puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. The cipher used to encrypt the text is a simple substitution of letters and is simple enough that the cryptogram can be solved by hand.

Cryptogram for Android has some great features:

Thousdands of hand-picked cryptoquotes and cryptoquizes without any religious or political bias;
It works completely offline, so you can enjoy some brain teasers while traveling;
Compete with friends on Google Play Games leaderboards;
Keep track of which puzzles you’ve solved already and revisit them;
Get help by revealing letters or showing hints.

Best of all, you can decrypt quotes completely free! Enjoy!

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Cryptogram user reviews :

Genuinely amazing. I love the options to turn off the timer and score. I love being able to have hints/reveals without watching an add. I have a mental disability that impacts how I think, so I’m a little slow but still enjoy puzzle type games. And these options just takes all the preassure off!! Thank you so much for making this and making it so acessable.

Puzzles were fun. Some were challenging, some were easy. I didn’t mind the ads at first, as they came every few levels. Then they got more frequent, and it got to a point where every puzzle I solved was followed by an ad. What really made me uninstal was when I saw it asked me for over $8 to remove ads.

It’s a no-frills game with just a few touches to make it user-friendly, eg highlighting all common letters, which beats pencil & paper. A nice feature are the options available for you to adjust the game to suit your play style. I play with no pre-filled letters, no topic, no hints, random order, so I can’t comment on the default difficulty, but I find those settings challenging. Lots of puzzles, and value-wise you can’t beat free AND without ads!

  • Thanks for the detailed review, Marina! Glad you’re enjoying Cryptogram so much!

Great game! There appears to be an issue with Puzzle 1432. After completing it, it won’t clear. I tried it several times, double-checked it for correctness & completeness, cleared and redid it repeatedly, and even reset all the puzzles; but the problem remains. Other than that, you’ve created a fantastic game for hours and hours of fun. I’m looking forward to more puzzles!! Thank you!

I really like this game. It’s super addictive, but once you hit a roadblock it’s not easy to continue. It needs a smoother way to browse between puzzles: I find myself constantly wanting to slide left or right to get to previous or next ones. A way to change languages would be good. I appreciate that they’ve chosen the interface to be so clean, but I think it needs a bit more design (i.e. considering the viewport, and better handling of white space) for an improved final look.

Great puzzle game. Its fun, inspiring, a great challenge and unlike most brainy games I’m pretty sure this one does actually engage and “train” your brain. It is fun, and a great distraction when stuck in a place (or with people) you don’t want to be in (or with) . Also great for when you can’t sleep. Also has no ads. You can donate to the developer instead, and honestly that is so refreshing–not having to deal with ads, especially video ads…seeing a developer do that makes my day.

  • I’m glad you’re enjoy it so thoroughly! Thanks for the elaborate review.

Hi! I was enjoying your app which I downloaded today, when, all of a sudden it started revealing letters without a hint request. It will not allow me to reset the puzzle back to all blank spaces. I have checked “Remove Reveals” and then pressed Reset, but it does not do anything. I understand this a Beta? version so I guess you are working to remove the bugs. It is a fine app and it deserves good ratings. Thank you.

  • Hi Eli, it doesn’t look like you’re running a beta version, so this like it could be a bug. Not all puzzles contain revealed letters, so it may be that you hadn’t encountered any for a while. Regardless, you should be able to disable them by increasing the difficulty level in the settings. Feel free to reach out to paul[at] for help.

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