D4DJ Groovy Mix – Experience fully customizeable rhythm gameplay

[Game] D4DJ Groovy Mix

D4DJ Groovy Mix   Hey, DJ!

Turn it up in D4DJ Groovy Mix, the next big DJ-themed Anime Rhythm Game!

Tap, slide and scratch to OVER 130 TRACKS!

Play a mix of GROOVY original songs, cover songs, anime and game OSTs!
Completely CUSTOMIZE the UI and difficulty to fit your desired skill level!
COLLECT various cute, cool and gorgeous members to form HYPE DJ Units!
Read hundreds of STORIES and get to know each girl in detail!

Meet D4DJ’s Adorable Cast
Meet girls from all of D4DJ’s units: Happy Around!, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, RONDO, and Lyrical Lily! Pay attention to each unit’s unique sound and personality!

Groove to the Beat!
Experience fully customizeable rhythm gameplay! Challenge yourself with difficult beatmaps or go completely hands-free with Audience Mode! You can play this game at any skill level!

Time-limited Events
Play in competitive Events against other players for a spot on the leaderboards! Get rewards and exclusive members for participating!

Raise the Bar with LIMIT BREAK
Level up your members with materials gained from performances! LIMIT BREAK certain members to get gorgeous, ANIMATED card art! Use high level members in units for amazing high scores!

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D4DJ Groovy Mix user reviews :

Great game! Cool songs! Sadly, the game lags too much on my phone. I’m currently playing at lowest setting enabled on both Display/Live. Unfortunately, there are so many effects with ONLY limited options to turn them off. The app crashes if I play for an extended period of time. I’d REALLY love to have an option added so I can turn off certain effects AND/OR disable the Live2D animations, replacing them with sprites instead (wouldn’t this be perfect for players with lower-end smartphones?)

After almost a yea of the global version’s release most issues related to performance have been addressed. Battery consumption remains a bit high, and if the device has around 4GB of RAM it will lag with high settings. Even if it is missing some of the songs and cards from the Japanese version (hence the 4 stars), it’s still a good rythm game, the characters and their stories are charming; the music selection is nice and new songs are added frequently (this point could be improved too).

The characters are all very cute and I found the game play enjoyable! But as of recently the game will lag during ‘lives’. At first it would just lag behind a bit, but as of this last update, the lag makes me completely miss notes to the point where it’s unplayable : ( . Looking at other reviews this seems to be a reoccurring problem, please make turning off the effects an option! 3 stars until the problem is fixed, the great characters and designs do make up for it though! (stan Merm4id)

The gameplay is really enjoyable and unique. I love the characters and units, the art on cards are also pretty. I do have a problem with NPCs too.Since i tier a lot, i need to maximize my score by going to multis but the waiting time is too short so with the fear of playing with NPCs (which will give me lower score)i usually go out of the room then go in again and with this the app will suspend me for an amount of time, preventing me to tier which really irks me.

d4dj is one of the best games I have ever gotten and I’m so grateful to have it !! I play it everyday, and it shows no flaws.. but today, I was playing d4dj and I wanted to play my favourite song on expert and it said I cannot switch the song filter ? so I did it on hard mode and I checked it again and it didn’t let me do hard mode anymore and it didnt let me do expert either- please fix this bug if possible !

Well all I needed to do was actually look through the settings to mute the characters. Still can’t figure out the delay for my Bluetooth speaker because it will sometimes have a delay and then suddenly decide it doesn’t in the middle of a Live, but that’s probably just an issue with my tech. Great game!

Been playing this game since EN release. I don’t know what happened recently, but the game has been giving me lag spikes on some occasions. I’ve turned down all the settings I could to try to get it to run better but nothing has worked. It’s a rhythm game, it doesn’t need to be visually impressive, it needs to be responsive first and foremost. My tablet isn’t even old. Either give me the option to turn down more settings or just tone everything down a bit.

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