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[Game] Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact

Befriend, train, and lead a team of monsters to victory!

Recruit a colorful cast of creatures from the legendary DRAGON QUEST series and experience monstrously strategic combat!

Assemble a roster of monsters both cuddly and terrifying! Train, equip, and customize them to make them your very own!

Orchestrate your monsters’ movements in a pocket-sized tactical experience! Pick-up-and-play controls and deep tactical elements give experts and newcomers something to enjoy. Study the battlefield and outwit your foes on-the-go!

Monsters of all rarity levels and strengths have a role to play! Resourceful players will be rewarded on the Battle Road, where monsters of all power levels will be required. An ever-growing list of freely obtainable monsters means that you can grow your roster without spending at all!

Long ago, when an evil force brought the world of Orchesterra to the brink of destruction, a legendary hero led a loyal band of monsters in defiance. Thanks to their courage and wit, the dark lord was sealed away, bringing peace to the world. Ages have passed, and once again the threat of evil looms over Orchesterra – will you rise to the task?

Directed by Yuji Horii, featuring the inspirational music composed by Koichi Sugiyama, and monster design by the visionary creator of the DRAGON BALL series, Akira Toriyama, DRAGON QUEST TACT will immerse you in a marvelous world of fantasy, magic, and memorable monsters!

Dragon Quest Tact user reviews :

Much as I love the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest series, this game just isn’t fun to play for the majority of the content anymore. Too much reliance on enemies using status effects that proc constantly, leaving you stunned or blind or unable to actually do anything and replaying maps endlessly to try and hope you can finish them. Making content senselessly impossible to try and push to spend more money, just not enjoyable any longer.

bringing my review from 5 stars to 3, this is a very fun game, don’t get me wrong. but it gets too difficult too quickly, and rates are abysmal. I have probably summoned around 100 times, and still only have 3 highest rated units. and daily tasks and other rewards become scarce after the beginning missions.

Game is great, no ads and with lots of characters to use. However, the game uses lots of time in waiting and loading. Very annoying actually.

It is a very good game and introduced me to the DragonQuest series but the problem is the storage amount and the fact that it makes you download a lot and takes up a bunch of storage. If you’re tolerate of that then you should play this game.

Love the franchise. Started a few days ago, and so far I’ve been enjoying it. I was able to transfer my save from one phone to the other with no issue using the backup data option and my SquareEnix account! The game is very generous. I think I’ve got some great S-rank Monsters so far and haven’t spent any money!

I keep getting nostalgia everywhere I go! I’ve been waiting for this game and I’m so happy it’s here! Mindini is already so much better than that annoying Squirrel in DQ of the Stars. Just to update after all this time, there are times where I wanna punt Mindini like a soccer ball, but at least Magellan never gets on my nerves, other than when he simps over some woman, but, that’s happened in like, 2 events, and it’s still not that bad at least. He’s a good boy.

I will give this a 5 because dwm and dq got me through a lot of being grounded n long road trips. I like it but the figure it out and amount of stuff to aquire curve and hows is too how?(or pay also)or cant. For how much for the super limit amount of verbs you can do, this is too many hurdles for the limited amount

I like the game but I now have to restart for the fourth time even though I “backed up” my data. It refuses to let me load it.

Game was great for the hour or two I could play it. Now all of the text is replaced by white bars. Can’t read anything. Didn’t have the chance to backup my data yet, so I don’t want to re-download the game and lose the limited time characters I got from my first few summons. Only had the game closed for about 2 hours before it suddenly didn’t work anymore.

I really love this game and others in the series or franchise, but when buying gems it says for example 10,000 gems plus 1,700. I only get 10,000. Why is that? I’ve noticed this a few times and it always the same.

The game’s an enjoyable enough experience, though it does have some performance issues on my phone and I wish the monster pool to draw from was larger. Still, a fun time.

A good tactical game for beginners and vets alike to the genre. The aesthetic quality of the game bringing me back to my teenage years is wonderful. A better tutorial for types and races would be helpful for anyone new to the genre and to dq I think would be a boon. Also some of the systems are a bit confusing when you first get going (i.e. leveling, rank up, skill up) but over time it can be figured out, but I’m the short term I think it will cause confusion leading to spending resources.

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