Blade of Chaos – Varieties of dungeons and bosses are waiting for you

[Game] Blade of Chaos – Immortal Titan

Blade of Chaos The amazing vertical idle MMORPG with 3× fun! Faster, stronger and better!

One-handed operation, smooth movements, intelligent feedback, and casual gameplay make it easy and enjoyable for you. Play anytime and anywhere!

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[Game Features]

3× Benefits!
Get FREE VIP10 after creating your role! Tons of diamonds and rewards will be sent non-stop to help you pass stages!
100M FREE [Red Diamonds] for everyone, and you can buy whatever you want in the Constellation Shop!

3× Growth Speed!
Upgrade to full level without lifting a finger! Character level and combat power increase automatically even when offline throughout the day! Get stronger and stronger 24×7!

3× Aesthetic Style!
Exquisite outfits of different styles, cool mounts, cute pets, gorgeous wings, and powerful weapons, all the things you could ever get are here! Match your unique look and show your style!

3× Fun!
Varieties of dungeons and bosses are waiting for you to challenge! The more bosses you hunt, the stronger your power will be!
Swing your sword and harvest abundant loots with your buddies, and become the strongest!

Meet your destined partner
Forge your exclusive wedding ring and engrave your eternal love on it!
Raise your adorable children and let the pledge of your love guard your journey!

Blade of Chaos user reviews :

I think this is not supported by cellular data. I can’t even handle it properly even if I have my connection using my cellular data connection. Also the graphics are too colored. The placement of your battlefield, how to play, and how to start to fight is so terrible to find. Kindly fix this, especially in supporting cellular data.

Where to start… Opened game and sat on title screen, no indication what was happening so closed it. Did this three times then it went to a different screen with two progress bars, one got to 99.99% and the other kept going, got bored and tried again. Same thing, cleared cache and finally let me into the “game”, the least said about the appalling loading of graphics and utter lack of game play the better. Suffice to say its not on my phone now

Back to 1 star rating.. you always lag when i top up, my rewards are always gone. This is the first game i played so far that top up will be gone just like that when lag is attacking yet i have good a connection.. I’m just disappointed, it’s my 3rd time already.. you should follow up it so that we can use it sooner.. games sucks because of this top up events..

  • Hello,player. Could you please reach us via our Facebook inbox: We will try our best to solve it.

I’ve played the game since launch, cannot break top 10 in rank without paying… i got stuck on a breakthrough quest and contacted customer service and their response before blocking my chat was “do what the game says”. Now the customer support contact me is gone. I refuse to pay for something that has no benefits without paying and treats customer inquiries like the end of the world.

It’s good however this game is basically like those PTW(pay to win or be first) type games and everything is outrageously expensive. If you want to do a certain thing you need to be a certain level but can access free for SVIP3-9 people which to get that you’re need to spend money ……

It’s a really good game it has great graphics but the thing I wish it had a friend options so u can talk to your friends in private and see if ur friends are on. It’s a really good game that’s the only reason I give it a 4 star bc of no friends options but I love how u can marry cross server that is so unique and marrying same gender is cool too and fast pace is cool too

Update: A good idle game that needs improvements starting with adding prices for all countries for the items (on google store) because $1 item is costing much more in no US countries; fixing login (network error OR invalid token); alternating some of the events in global hours (US/EU/Asia).

Right at the beginning, you will be overloaded with too much game system, you will have a hard time knowing what everything is for. The rewards are generous for f2p but it is just a drop compared to what whales can get. Overall, it is an idle game with the same template; make the player feel strong, entice them with reward, and melt their brain with smorgasbord of info.

Latest Update :

Fixed some Bug

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