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[Game] Goddess Connect

Goddess ConnectDive into a world of never-ending adventure to get the strongest legacy.

Collect the Heroes, defeat the Devils and be the Legend!. Your actions will influence the world around Convenient functions such as high offline earnings and automatic map push battles allow you, who will become the savior, to enjoy the benefits all the time! Come meet these heroes now!

Game Features:

Easy to play game experience
Only by logging in the game for half an hour, you can complete all the daily missions and get unlimited resource!!

Diverse and exciting tactical combinations
The battle situation is changing rapidly, free combination of camps and formations, timely adjustment of combat strategies, multiple resource management methods, winning with strange moves, ordinary characters can also become myths and make great contributions!

Various PVE and PVP Gameplay
Dive into challenges and arenas to show your strength and collect abundant prizes. Who will the Goddess of Victory?

Unique Pet System
Are you bored with the team composition of idle games now? Tons of cute pets will accompany you during your adventure, bringing a new sensation to your formation!!!

Goddess Connect user reviews :

The game seems pretty good, but the falling envelopes are very annoying as they fall on every screen, including while you’re doing a summon. Only to have them say I’ve claimed my limit already, but they keep falling even tho i can’t collect. It’s like the tutorial never ends as the arrow is constantly pointing to what you do next.

  • Dear Guardians, Thanks for your evaluation. You can turn off the screen setting ya :) If you have any suggestions or if you are facing any problems, please contact us at www.facebook.com/goddessidfn. and join our official discord channel at  discord.gg/6ZbkNshg4Y

Ancient, stale graphics. Zero story, zero explanation, just click here, here, here, here, here. And buy this pack, and this pack, and here’s a red dot notification you can’t get rid of unless you spend premium currency on a “special pack.” I thought the envelope gimmick might have been fun, but after the 30th one in 2 minutes, most of which contained prizes I couldn’t claim, I was done.

I’ve been trying to play for about an hour now and all it’s giving me is a loading screen and telling me to log in with a Playnow Account, which when I looked it up was a gambling website, so I have no idea what’s wrong, but it won’t let me try to play. If I end up fixing the problem, I’ll update this post, but until then, this game gets a 1 star from me. Also, I have uninstalled the game and installed it multiple times to see if that would fix it and it didn’t.

i think the game is good, the only down side i notice so far is all the text going through the screen and all the red envelopes the randomly drops. if there was a way to turn these off it would be a better exeprience overall

Lost my account upon switching accounts that have signed in through google already. Everything was gone when I switched back. What game deletes your account when it saves through Google. No worth investing time or money, and doesn’t save your account info so becareful if you have multiple accounts and you switch one. It will erase your previous account.

Disappointed. Starting the game doesn’t ask you for an account so you assume it logs you in with the default Play account on your device since you’re able to do in-app purchases, but no, and trying to log in with your device’s default account will delete all game data, even your purchases. Customer support seems non-existent since it’s been hours and tickets are still unread.

the red pack in your face is very bad, you have no option to continue the level only play auto or get to it by achievements shop buttons disappear and overall it’s just not right with some major tweaks it could be a good game but until then I doubt it

I can’t even received my rewards after my top up and tried to contact customer service but it got error, not playing anymore. Not good service (Edit) I still did not receive my rewards but I give it chance and I think I like the game,

  • Hi , I’m Developers of ‘Goddess Connect’, we’re pleased with your appreciation for this Games! We will try our best to keep improving our products and gives best games experiences, for further information please kindly follow – likes our Facebook Fans page :  www.facebook.com/goddessidfn

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