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[Game] Dungeon of Gods

Dungeon of Gods  Raise a Half-God in this Infinite Upgrade RPG!

Break through the dungeon with only the tip of your finger!

Enjoy the incredible assault action.

Feel the excitement of assault action with incredibly simple controls!

Drag, drop and defeat stage monsters easily!
Dodge the attack of the God guarding dungeon and, once you enter a certain range, charge!
Destroy all surrounding monsters in one unstoppable attack!
Hit and run quickly before the enemy’s attack gauge fills up!

Gameplay based on options, rogue-like action RPG
If you clear the dungeon, multiple new entrances will appear! Which one will you choose?
Before entering the next dungeon, choose the best skill among 3!
After strengthening your skills through stacking, clear the stage in one go with one continuous attack!
The more chapters you conquer, the more diverse skills and strategies you will need!

Become the king of gods with infinite upgrades!
Defeat enemies that are growing stronger and get promoted!
Collect and strengthen equipment and relics to become a powerful demigod!
Equip yourself with a unique costume and acquire additional stats!
Protect yourself from enemies with a half shield!

Challenge the dungeons if you want to get stronger!
Dark Tower: Within the time limit, kill 30 enemies and get a huge amount of gems!
Item Dungeon: Obtain various items by dealing with monsters on each floor!
Rune Dungeon: Defeat enemies in all phases and acquire runes to upgrade relics!
Material Dungeon: Acquire material for the half-shield but beware… If you get even one attack from the enemy, it’s game over!

Thanks to automatic hunting, you can clear again dungeons that have already been cleared in one strike! Super-fast growth with less play time!
Collect swords, equipment, skills and more as rewards for clearing the chapters! Become a dungeon master!

Dungeon of Gods user reviews :

I’ve sunk a good chunk of the day into this game. Easy to pick up, really enjoyed the action element of it which is straight forward and satisfying once you get the hang of it! The loot system is rich, meaning you can always stay ahead of the difficulty curve; speaking of which, the semi-freedom to pick levels you want to play also offers a 3 dimensional challenge of gameplay. Loving it so far!
  • Super Planet
  • We are really glad to hear that you love the game!! Here is a tip! You can receive more rewards from our community  discord.gg/Y6j2JRQ6ZB. There will be an event notice and coupon codes that you can find a chance to get more rewards! We hope you enjoy breaking through the dungeons today!!
Amazing game, really fun and satisfying gameplay. The graphics also look really good. There are a ton of ‘levels’ outside of the main ones, that will give rewards and equipment upgrades. Tons of equipment, customization, levels and rewards. It’s like Archero and Hades in a way. The only things I’d like to see changed would be better performance, as it lags often at the moment and AI (auto mode) customization, choose what upgrades and paths to prioritize.
  • Super Planet
  • Thank you for your suggestions about auto mode customization! Our Dev team would love to hear more about this. We believe that the players’ opinions will help us improve the game to the next level.  So, please send your detailed suggestion to us at cs[at]dungeonofgod.zendesk.com. We definitely forwarded your thought to the Dev team
It’s quite a fun game. However the connection to server is so annoying. I died, watched a video to revive. After reviving, “connection to server” popped out but gameplay continued moving. Proceeds to die again and ended the match. So basically I just watched a video to revive and kill myself again. The tickets are also glitchy. Sometimes after watching an ad to get bonus tickets. You won’t receive any at all or takes forever for the tickets to load in.
  • Super Planet
  • Hello, Challenger! We feel really sorry to hear that you had a difficult time with the connection issue. Now our Dev team has solved and improved the server and connection-related resource issue! If you still face difficulty while watching Ads to revive, please do not hesitate to contact us at cs[at]dungeonofgod.zendesk.com. We want to help you!
This was a surprise. Normally I play these archero-types for an hour then delete. I’m still here 3 days later and loving it. They nailed the combat with the slingshot feeling of the assault attack. The progression and growth flows pretty smooth. I just feel they need to make it easier to claim rewards with one button instead of one-by-one. This game has a future.
  • Super Planet
  • Hello, Mark! Thank you so much for your review! We are glad that you like it! Also, your opinion about the claiming reward option will be forwarded to our Dev team! If there are any other things that you think we should improve, please do not hesitate to email us at cs[at]dungeonofgod.zendesk.com!! Have fun with your demigod today!

Latest Update :

Added Pet
Added a guideline when leaving a Guild.
Improved the tutorial’s UI

Contact developer :


Video :

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