Dark Hero Dash – Join the delightful revenge

[Game] Dark Hero Dash – Idle RPG

Dark Hero DashStylish 2D Pixel Action with 5 Unique Weapons!

Join the delightful revenge of the fallen Knightess Veronica, betrayed by the world!

Time flies by a fast and thrilling adventure!
Fun & Fancy Action Pleasure to Watch!

Manage the Battle on Your Style using 5 Types of Weapon.

Level Up Straight with Abundant Goods & Challenge Various Dungeons with No Stress.

Punish the False Heroes & Get the Power of Demon Lords to become the World’s Strongest.

Veronica never rests her dash even during your break.
Enjoy with No Burden by Offline Rewards.

Official Community
Discord : discord.gg/cGNUwge9T3
YouTube : youtu.be/-0ADhgc_acU
Facebook : www.facebook.com/DarkHeroDash

Customer Support
E-mail : bpgames_cs[at]bluepotion.co.kr

Dark Hero Dash user reviews :

The game itself is quite good but i found some issues. Yesterday i purchased the “Ad Remover” package and haven’t gotten a thing, i still see those ads. From yesterday night until today, about 6 hours, the game didn’t seem to idle much since it had no stored up resources. The 3 stars are simply because the problems i have found aren’t minor things at all.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience by the payment T.T Please send your account information and the Store receipt via Inquiry mail and we will do our best to provide the assistance you need swiftly!

Amazing. This game is growing up every day with new content, event and more. You will always get materials to upgrade stuff, that way you don’t ever be hard stuck at one point. 5 different weapons, each one with 6 skills to focus on bossing or faming. I’ve been always chatting and having fun with the Ranking. Very addicting game!

Brought the ad remover and the purchase went through but i am still seeing the ads in game. Notice that other player encounter the same issue as well where the ad remover is not working for them. Have sent and email to your customer service. Please assist and fix this bug and i will update my rating after i get my ad remover. Edit: they refunded me and i brought it again. Issue solved.

  • Thank you for sharing your valuable opinions on Dark Hero Dash! We will do our best to make Dark Hero Dash more fun and exciting with your love and interests!

As my first of the game I fell so relax while playing dark hero dash it’s easy to play and fun. Doing daily routine quest, upgrading weapon, summon, dungeon, challenging bosses, competing others in ranking.. Its awesome.. I’ve been playing everyday start from morning till midnight. I don’t want to miss every single minutes while playing game. Thanks for making this game I’m so grateful to having part of it..

Compared to the 70% – 80% of mobile games, this is comparedly better if not greater to most of the garbage inside the app store I would like to put a detailed review if google would even let me in the first place, but i’ll list my criterias instead * – Doesn’t force ads in beginning and gives rewards for them instead 2* – Has actual music and good sound effects 3* – Pixel art is actually good and lottery is rewarding with no loss 4* – Have not encountered any bugs so far 5* – NOT ACTUALLY TRASH!

Great game! There’s progress every time you log in, unlike any other idle games that takes days or weeks to grind. Very f2p friendly too, especially during events like this Halloween that require you to just idle for a while. Since this is just a new game, there are some minor bugs, such as skills that don’t cast, and claw is just overpowered too. After balancing such things, I expect new features and improved gameplay in the future! Add codes too, so that players have something to expect weekly

This game is really fun, interesting and challenging at the same time. It has an array of new features that you will not be seeing on other idle games. What’s cool about this game is that you won’t be feeling limited or stuck to a single weapon. Another cool thing about this game is the art and superb animation. This is very fun game to play with and to pass time. 5 stars!

Had a good time playing despite how little it was, stuck in maintenance mode so hopefully it will bring some stability. Will check back later. Edit: Game is back up and the devs compensated nicely for the long down time. It is a great idle game with enough things to keep you occupied.

  • We are sorry for the inconvenience caused due to long maintenance. The maintenance was over at 18:20 UTC and we have prepared a great amount of compensation for our Lords, so we hope you visit Dark Hero Dash again! We will do our best to provide better service always. Thank you.

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