Idle Guardians – Conquer all stages and dungeons

[Game] Idle Guardians – Never Die

Idle Guardians  The true ability behind the splendid transformation of the Guardians… is hidden in their costumes?!

The Guardians’ secret wardrobe is now revealed!

New skins that will further upgrade your Guardian’s abilities!
Create and synthesize the skin you want! Additional stats UP just by owning a skin!
Buff up when you complete the collection by collecting various skins in the closet!

Go check the Guardian Wardrobe right now

This is a real IDLE RPG!

Guardians keep on going through the stages of the game, even when you’re not playing!
An auto-combat game with cute dot graphics and retro game nostalgia!
Never die, Endless Rebirth IDLE Guardians!

Game Features

Legendary AFK RPG, Auto-Combat idle RPG
AFK & IDLE? It keeps on playing even when you’re not!
Everything is automatic, from the endless stages progression to auto-combat and auto-farming!

Endless Growth and Rebirth System
Every time you rebirth, become stronger faster.
The Hero never dies! He just resurrects.
Become stronger and conquer all stages and dungeons perfectly!

A RPG with unique Characters that are fun to collect !
Unique game contents that bring back classic games such as Whack-a-mole, Tetris, and Claw Machines!
More than 160 characters with retro graphics and dot designs!

Never Stop Farming RPG
24/7 fully operating Gold Mine Research Institute!
Automatic farming of resources to strengthen the Guardians!
Even offline, the Guardians are farming!
That is the fun of automatic farming!

A special Enhancement System only for Children Guardians!
Guardians powering up through level up and enhancement plus ‘Promotion System’!
When promoted, the Guardians’ appearance changes and they get additional skills!
Legend-class fun!

Endless Battles to enjoy with Endless Contents

Demon World ‘Demon’ pet for the Guardians, Power up thanks to strong buffs!
Global PVP World-class Global War that mobilizes all of union, balance and strategy
Pyramid Endless rewards, Endless challenges, Endless dungeons and adventures
Dept Raid Hunt the strongest Boss with your Guild members
Force Fight 30 vs 30 XL Live Guild War

Shh, Full of secrets, Continue’s secret lab!
Another content for the Guardians, a secret island where wonderful research and inventions are hidden!
Opening of a secret stage full of strong items, additional quests, diverse rewards!

Idle Guardians user reviews :

It’s a good idle game, it’s better than average. However offline progress basically is only for re clears, your spending about a third to a quarter of your time in adds. And the the game requires real-time communication and can freeze up if it had anything less. Which means lag, running it on the background, or even a notification or just to much clock time being used on a messenger app can crash it. It deserves a 3, but I’m giving it a 4 and hoping they at least for the freezing.

Have played this game in its original iteration, and this iteration. I really enjoy it, it’s not easy to get heroes you want but that’s a good thing. I usually lose interest in a game fairly quickly but I’ve stuck with this game for over 3 years across iPhone and Android, because of its difficulty and it’s f2p friendliness. Honestly fun, honestly a slog, but well worth it. Give it a couple days, play it, make up your own mind.
  • Super Planet
  • wow Adam, we cannot believe you have been with us for 3 years… Our hearts are so full now! Thank you so much for such a constructive but yet positive review and of course for the 5 stars! Our team will take your comments into account and work day and night to give you the best game ever!
1 week in and I still enjoy it. I usually delete games within 1-2 days, so definitely interesting. Lots of rewards every day (keep that up), progress is good, lots of heroes, decent amount of events and pretty low timers on dungeons/pyramid/pvp/recruitment etc. Departments need polishing, UI could be better/smoother, too many reward stamps needed for the bonus, 20 min double speed for 1 ad is pretty greedy. The game is unplayable on PC with android simulator (latest NoxPlayer), constant crashes
  • Super Planet
  • Dear Team Leader, reviews like yours are always welcome!! It helps us better the game at each update. We thank you for your support and we hope you will stay with us and the hero for a very long time!!!! If you have any issue, contact us via the game or by email at support[at] !

It’s a fun addictive game that is also has a funny story with it as well. Its been awhile since I’ve played a game like this that is unique enough to make me wanna keep playing to see one how the story end and two to see how easy or hard it is to get super strong without paying. For a bit game its wroth giving it a try. I suggest this game.

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