Dynasty Heroes – Assemble the greatest force ever seen

[Game] Dynasty Heroes – Legend of SamKok

Dynasty Heroes  Dynasty Heroes is a stunning tactical RPG mobile game that brings you back to the romantic Samkok adventures.

To rewrite the history of SamKok, you need to discover and recruit hundreds of heroes from different kingdoms. You must train them to fight together, awaken their powerful combos skills, and assemble the greatest force ever seen.

#Game Features#

Epic RPG experience
Excellent main scenario and multiple legend hero biographies that stows Samkok history in the palm of your hand.
Over 140+ heroes from different kingdoms are available for collection.

Abundant tactical play
Seize control over the three kingdoms and experience dazzling tactical combat.
Show-off many hero formations and awaken unique combos as you overcome each of your adversaries.

Achieve fame and victory
Climb the rankings in intense arena battles to win the special gear. Now, show your unique strategy to the world.

For legion and glory
Create a Legion, compete and fight for the legion honor, write your own legend.

Get massive ingots AFK
No need for complicated gestures. One-tap let your heroes mining and Patrol that amass rich ingots for you.

Come, and party in the Dynasty Heroes!

Dynasty Heroes user reviews :

Everything is okay but just one problem , about line up adjustment . You need to put button remove warrior cause for new player . they dont know .. when you put warrior , its must permanent . Like me , i already put 5 warrior on my lineup . i can’t throw or remove to make 3 warrior only . So its bit problem for me . please fix and do improvement about that please . I want make my line up 3 warrior . Easy to upgrade and save my cost . Thankyou

Rather enjoyable game. Translations are a bit iffy and the text seems to go a bit fast so it’s easy to get lost on what’s going on but fun nonetheless.

This game is amazing and keeps you on your toes. Only thing I would like to change is the ways to get gold heros. Cost to much and you dont get alot for them. Other then that I love it.

The game’s well made everything about it is good the only thing letting it down is that upgrading the protagonist take way too long since there is only two legion bosses a day and because everything gets bought instantly in the auction

Seems like a fairly good idle game based on the 3 kingdoms. Enjoying it so far. For me the main faults are poor voice acting (think 70s dub hongkong kung ku films) and the poor translations.

Too many flash lights when playing the game make my eyes hurt. I will give five stars when there have a setting to turn off the flash light

I love how the game work it always have a guarantee legendary hero every single 10 or 20 draws I would recommend this game to people love getting a legendary hero 5 star for this game

game is good. but too many server ..makes the old server get empty and empty

So far it’s good. It is my first time playing this kind of game but it is so easy to navugate around and for me to grasp on how to play.

Love it. Too complicated setup for promotion to Captain

Very awsome game great graphics and storyline I cant get enough of it its up there with azure lane

App crashes after the latest update. Can’t play at all.

I like the design of the characters and the gameplay very addictive so far I hope it gets even better

Just started playing and it’s an awesome game, love the battles and arena. Great Warriors…

Fun so far,although summon is kinda expensive.

This game have a really bad drop rate, I even spent more than $100 and got nothing worth from the gache event. All people start quitting this game and the most terrible part is the developer don’t even care, they did not develop anything to maintain the players. They just care to make more and more new server to take money from new players.

This game i highly recommend to who loves to have fun and get stronger. I don’t have any big problems it’s just when the story line conversations go on its a little long but over all this game is very fun. Graphics I love. Game play I love. The over all storie line in general keeps me on my feet, one of the most effective games for keeping me busy, I suggest just try it out. If u don’t like it…it’s not for u…but it’s for some ppl. So keep at it..keep making improvements…awesome job !

It’s ok. My main problem is the MIL Rank. You need a green stamp to rank up that can only be obtained from the Legion Boss, the problem is that the stamp is only up for auction and only one stamp is sold. It is difficult to obtain even one stamp as many players need it, but only two stamps are up for auction per day. There is no other way to obtain the said stamp from what I know. You can’t even buy it in a shop which makes it a bit infuriating. Please make it so it is easier to fet stamps.

Pretty solid. Still learning the team’s though. The lore is lovely.

Latest Update :

1. New warrior: SP Han Warrior Diao Chan
2. New divine pet: Ying Zhao
3. New destiny: Ocean Pearl, Furious Core
4. Add infinite mode in Dunhuang Cavern
5. New Emerald Shop
6. Add Seal Blueprint in Gear Shop
7. Add one-tap blitz in Daily Instance
8. New divine warrior in Attracted to Here
9. Fix the problem that translation function cannot be used

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