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easyFocuseasyFocus : Focus, defocus… the easiest way.

Produce SLR camera like focus and defocus effect with your photos.
Just open your pictures in easyFocus , play with the tools, create stunning focusing effects and save the creation. Its easy and simple.


1. Tools: Standard photo editing tool features, like- image zoom in, zoom out, tap and dragging, pinch and zoom, image rotation, reset, save are there.
2. Circular Focus: Place a circular lens like focus effect in your photo. Drag it and place it, where you need it. Control the area size of the focus by focus size control buttons.
3. Rectangular Focus: Place a Rectangular focus area effect in your photo. Drag it and place it, where you need it. Control the area size of the focus by focus size control buttons.
4. Selective Focus: Customize your focus area, select the area to focus. Try the Selective Focus tool. Tap and drag your finger over screen and select your desired focus area. Control the brush size by brush size control buttons.
5. Focus Flip: Altering the focus area to unfocused area (and vice-verse) is just a matter of tap. Flip tool makes the focus reversing in blink of an eye.
6. Photo Enhancement: Use the Photo Enhancer tool to make dull images look vibrant. Use it and see the difference.
7. Miniature Photography: By combining the Rectangular Focus and Photo Enhancer, one can create miniature photography like effects.

So, go happy focusing… easyFocus-ing.

easyFocus user reviews :

Really nice, but the fact that the runtime needs adobe air is a bit off putting. Also, there should really be an indicator to how big the circle or rectangle is when we’re increasing or decreasing the size

Disappointed that this app requires the resource-hungry Adobe AIR. Even more disappointed that it failed to mention this in its description. I will stick with AfterFocus.


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