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[Game] Epic War Thrones

Epic War Thrones  Play as a lord in the Three Kingdoms and lead your army to conquer the chaotic land.

Build your city, research technologies, and expand territories to boost resource production. Arm your loyal generals with the best skills and battle with thousands of other players online in real-time! You can join an alliance to grow and conquer with your friends, or else you can become a ranger that plunders the world as a lone wolf. Made by Unreal Engine 4, Epic War: Thrones brings PC-level experiences to mobile. Experience the realistic landscape and weather, and implement them into your strategy. Command, conquer, and claim the throne!

Season 4 New Features
The dynasty is on the edge of collapse, and the world is in chaos. Will you choose to be the savior of the dynasty, or to be the revolutionist and establish a new empire?
8 New Generals
6 New Tome Skills
2 Opposing Great Powers, Choose One to Join

Game Features

Epic battles between hundreds of players
Join real-time epic battles with hundreds of players, every decision you make matters! Full assault or sneak attack? Ally or foe? Choose your strategy carefully. Capture ports and passes to strengthen your position, fight for resource grids to boost your production. Rule the battlefield like a real commander.

The world of the Three Kingdoms recreated
Embark on a conquest that took place a thousand years ago, into the well-known history of the Three Kingdoms. Witness the clashes of warlords, tactics from the Art of War being implemented, and legendary generals confronting each other. Will you be able to survive in this chaotic land and eventually claim the throne?

Legendary generals at your command
Summon legendary generals of the Three Kingdoms to join your cause! Be they the formidable general Guan Yu, or the loyal marshal Jiang Wei who tried to defend his empire until the end. Each with unique skills and troop type, use them to build your powerful legion! All generals are detailed modeled in the game, they are once made alive from the past history and are waiting for your command!

Alliances, factions, and rangers
Are you a team player or a lone wolf? As an alliance player, you can fight with your friends, defeat strong enemies together and help each other to grow. Or else, you can be a stealthy and maneuverable ranger, a lone wolf that plunders the battlefield and a true predator. It is up to you to choose who you want to become.

Realistic world with diverse terrains and weathers
Explore the massive map with over 4 million tiles, march your troops across mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, and frozen lands. The global weather system will affect your army, generals, and overall combat effectiveness. Use the terrain and weather as your advantages, and you can defeat enemies that once seemly untouchable.

Unlimited possible strategies
Hundreds of general skills, 4 troop types with 28 variants, 6 different battle formations, and various Strategies that can utilize weather to strengthen your army. You have unlimited strategies to choose from, use them well and prove your wisdom!

Get more information about Epic War: Thrones
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EpicwarthronesSEA
Official Website: www.archosaur.com/epicwarthrones/
Discord: discord.gg/zujkyBnMwW

Device Requirement
System version: Android 5.0 or above
RAM: 2GB or more
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher

Epic War Thrones user reviews :

The game is good but I top up like 3 times. The payment was successful, but the item I purchase haven’t been sent yet. Please kindly fix this issue or refund my money back. Update: They have fixed this issue. so I change the star to 5. Thanks!

Like the mechanic so far but the map is atrociously ugly there is no reason there should be numbers on the world map by default it’s ugly as hell. Fix it.

Fun game. Take a bit to start…but once you do. Great art. Waiting to progress more

i had a connection issue review but i see my phone is having issues connecting so i switche dto bluestacks mobile games on pc gig to play and now its going smoother love the game so far

This game is heavily Cjinese dynasty oriented game which makes it very difficult to understand, Please make Game for global players instead of chinese players only, And Game experience is so far so good you should change its themes too

This game has very huge potential. I played this games for weeks but started to feeling bored because it seems the only way to win the battle is by having huge troops, boost up level and stat bonus. Less tactics are used, also there s no way we can use the advantage of nature element such as open dam gate to flood the enemy, put a forest in fire, rolling boulder etc. Also it consumes so much time to play, really made me exhausted. Just make for one action if we run out of stamina, need 45mins.

Latest Update :

Optimized some texts and UI display

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