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ExpandFrom the world-renowned Monroe Institute, access profound states of expanded awareness normally attained after years of dedicated practice to foster greater meaning and purpose, relieve stress, improve sleep, and release unwanted patterns.

The guided meditations in Expand feature Monroe Sound Science, our proprietary audio technology that uses targeted soundwave patterns to facilitate unique states of consciousness. Using Expand, you can access the profound wisdom and joy buried deep within your conscious and subconscious minds.

Expand features 100+ guided meditations, along with multi-day mini-courses, guided reflection and journaling, and custom-generated soundscapes that target specific brainwave states. Far from typical meditations that focus on simply clearing your mind of thoughts, Expand meditations encourage active imagination and perception to achieve specific results. Meditation topics include:

Relaxation & Healing
Joy & Meaning
Insight and Intuition
Sleep & Dreaming
Nurturing Healthy Relationships
Creativity & Manifestation
Beyond the Physical

Expand was developed by the Monroe Institute, the world’s foremost center for the study and practice of expanded consciousness. Monroe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in the early 1970s as a research and educational organization. In addition to Expand, Monroe offers a wide variety of experiential retreats virtually, on our 300-acre Virginia campus, and in over a dozen countries worldwide.

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Expand user reviews :

The only reason I downloaded the app was for their ‘Beyond the Physical’ meditations, which are the only really unique ones. Unfortunately they are ALL behind a paywall. Every other meditation app I’ve used has at least a week unlimited trial access. No way I’m shelling out $70 or even $12 for a month without access to ANY of the Beyond The Physical meditations to figure out if it’s worth the expense. I urge you to offer at least one or two of these for free.

Very unique from every other meditation app I’ve tried. I feel a definite difference when using it. It’s obvious a significant amount of time & research went into the development of these techniques. Very effective, definitely recommend. But a monthly vs yearly subscription would be more helpful to the people interested in unlocking additional services.

It’s OK, but needs additional work. It appears that the rating system hasn’t been activated yet as all tracks are 4/5 stars. When I bookmark (heart) a track there does not seem to be a way to find it again quickly. There should also be a method to sort all tracks by length and rating, and number of plays.

I love love love this app. The only problem I have ever had is a glitch that has been keeping me from logging in. A message keeps popping up staying that I am blocked as I am not a developer. I have paid a year in advance and could use some help using this life=changing app.

  • Hi Jodi. Please contact us at support[at]monroeinstitute.org and we’ll get that sorted out.

Great app so far, considering. One thing to maybe implement would be a section for “un-guided” meditations, etc. The person speaking always throws me RIGHT off. Or a way to turn off transmutable audio? Also, a bullet point tip/list for guided meditations…maybe short form lol in an info/description section I avoid the guided audios as the person speaking makes it an immediately poorer experience than the unguided.

Having these meditations available on my phone is such a treat. The specialised sounds help me quickly get to a relaxed state. Sometimes my partner and I listen to them together with both headphones in my phone. He loves them too. They can relax you or take you on a journey to explore. I always look forward to using them and often treat myself to them.

The sound technology that this marvellous app uses has at least 50 years of research behind it and is continually evolving all the time. It’s definitely worth trying it out for yourselves. As someone who only likes to meditate for short periods, the app works wonders for me and my personal circumstances. I am eternally graftul for the magical life I am manifesting since attending the Monroe gateway program in the UK and using this wonderful app.

The biggest negative aspect of this app is that you must be online to listen I do not want EMF’S from wifi or any other source close to me when I listen to the meditations. This is achievable, but obviously, the developers neglected to build this option into the app. A simple download option would have made it attractive to use, but because there is no offline listening option, I’ll be giving it a miss.

  • Thank you for giving Expand a try and supporting the global awakening of human consciousness. The ability to play meditations offline is already in development and coming soon!

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