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[Game] Farming PRO 2

Farming PRO 2Jump into addictive and dazzling world of farming with Farming PRO 2. Enjoy one of the most realistic and largest worlds ever available on phones and tablets. Invite your friends to help you with your farming tasks in a brand new local multiplayer mode.

Start your agricultural career today. Harvest fields, raise animals and supervise your farm. Master over sixty farm tools and vehicles. Expand your farm, discover new map areas, buy new fields and upgrade your infrastructure to maximize your farming profit. Take advantage of the changing economy and sell your products at the highest price.

Experience highly realistic and detailed 3D graphics with stunning open world gameplay
Own over sixty precisely designed vehicles and tools, including tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, trucks, cultivators, sowing machines and many more
Hire AI assistants to help you with your work.
Walk or drive around your farm (also enjoy interior view for all vehicles)
Plant, spray, grow and harvest corn, canola, wheat, hay, sugar beets and potatoes to sell them on the market at different prices
Raise cows, sheep, chickens and pigs and feed them with optimal fodder to guarantee highest productivity
Manage your farm with friends thanks to local multiplayer mode

Farming PRO 2 user reviews :

It’s the best farming simulator I have ever played yet and I can’t wait to try out the pro 3 version when I can afford the cost of the game.

Bugs with seeder, cant get seeds. Sold tractor, trailer and seeder to afford bigger tractor and seeder. Still cant buy seeds. Be nice to have my money back or fix seeder, but going by the other reviews thats not gonna happen.

Can you fix the seeder bug for me it kinda bugged out when I try to fill the seeder with seeds from the container

it needs more options in equipment menu but good game overall

I like this game a lot it gives me lots of imaginations and what i want in life

The equipment and silos are all black, after I got a phone call. Please fix this. Needs to have a bigger seeder, fix the assistant getting stuck on the roads and in the trees.

Love the game can u make the weather Chang and can u make it were we can do some logging thx

Wont load. Keeps saying it stopped sworking. Now got it to load but can’t fill my seeder at seed container.

Games cool. Biggest tractor don’t handle good at all. Beet and potato harvester won’t unload in trailer. Have to unload in grain pit then to trailer. Would like more tractors and trucks. But overall good game.

Would love to see more tractors maybe a few john Deere’s but great game so far well worth downloading

Good game but i have lost all my equipment twice now ive spent money in this got far but now this again please fix

I change my nots because game its realy not done well for such money. Nice and very good looking game. But its not perfect for this money I expect something more. There is no showing speed, u cant look on the back if u wanna take trailer or other. Harvest u can’t see how much u cuting. Machine to harvest potatoes its not unloading.

There’s some glitches needs to be fixed but overall a good way to pass time.

Needs work ai needs sorting seeds to far away well everythings to far away think i will stick with fs16 shame though

It seems to be an okay game, however the layout bothers me and makes it hard to play. You use two joysticks to move/rotate the camera

I like the game but it is hard to make money at the beginning I would like it more if you had a Jeep or truck in the beginning todo all of the hauling like buying and selling transportation it would be really cool if you could pay someone to go to different places so you can do other things around the farm and if there were more trucks and semi’s to chose from that would make the game alot easier and if they weren’t so expensive

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