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FastEasyFastEasy – the intermittent fasting app installed more than 1 million times! More than 6 million fasting hours have been completed with our fasting tracker!

Want to lose weight, get fit, and start mindful eating? Our fasting tracker is here to help, with daily fasting plans and diets, health tips, and weight-loss motivation!

Why intermittent fasting?

Weight loss is the most common reason people try starvation diets. If you eat fewer meals, your body gets fewer calories — that’s why fasting is so effective.
Intermittent fasting involves alternating from controlled periods of eating to avoiding food. This way, your glycogen levels deplete and your body enters ketosis — also known as the body’s “fat-burning” mode.

With FastEasy you’ll get:

Fasting tracker

Different fasting plans

Convenient water tracker

Easy-to-use fasting timer — one tap to start/end

Step counter to track activity

Fasting guide & insights on nutrition and health

Personal recipes according to your taste preferences

Fasting and weight statistics with visualization of progress

Push notifications to let you know when it’s time to fast or eat

Can I use the intermittent fasting app for weight loss?

Yes! The app offers daily fasting plans suitable for men and women.
Choose from the most popular plans — 14:10, 18:6, or 16:8 — when you start fasting. If you choose the 16:8 fasting diet, you’ll be able to eat during an 8-hour window, and then you’ll avoid eating for the remaining 16 hours.
Advanced users can try the 21:3 or even the OMAD (one meal a day) schedule.

Simply use the fasting timer and stay hydrated. Easily customize your eating schedule or choose from any of the daily fasting plans and diets. Reach your healthy weight goals no matter what diet you follow — from keto to low carb or intuitive eating!

Additionally, interval fasting:

Helps you lose weight

Controls blood insulin and sugar levels

Stimulates metabolism

Reduces inflammation — detox mode

Increases mental clarity and concentration

FastEasy is not only a fasting tracker or timer, it is also a professional intermittent fasting coach to guide you through dieting. What’s more, our fasting app for weight loss is beginner-friendly!

Subscription info:
You can download the app for free. Further use requires a subscription.

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Start your weight-loss journey with the FastEasy intermittent fasting app!

FastEasy user reviews :

I like the app and the reminders it offers. My biggest issue is that the food selections suggested would be helpful if you could tap on it and the app would take you right to the recipe. it is difficult to navigate all the recipes listed just to find the one that has been suggested for you that day. should be a way to select the recipe directly from the suggested menu page.

  • Wow, thanks for such a detailed comment! We’ve passed your suggestion over to the technical team for proper evaluation – thanks a lot for your feedback

Edited from 3/6/23: This is a super simple app with a nice interface. Just try it out before purchasing. Certain settings can’t be edited after they’re set. The step counter is inaccurate and doesn’t link to devices like fitbit. They share a bit of your data and can’t opp out or limit how much. Getting a refund is challenging so be sure you’ll use it before diving in with $ Overall this app has grown on me over the month and is affordable but should be free given its limitations.

  • Hi, if you need a bit more information before diving into in-app purchases to enjoy all the advantages of the app, please shoot an email to our support team who will be happy to assist you in making your decision. Please use the contact details in the app description. Thanks!

Overall, I like the app. Full disclosure: I had actually learned some information @ intermittent fasting (IF) and started on my own effort about 4 weeks before I learned about fasteasy. One limitation: the presets, i.e. 16-8. Sometimes I push myself to to 18-6, but there is no easy way to have that at a preset. I am still learning some of the other features. And the stories are generally useful and positive reinforcement for the overall effort.

  • Thanks! We would be thrilled if you came back with a 5-star review later! :) For us, you having a happy body and soul means staying healthy with the app

FastEasy has alot of data to help in bite size portions, making it very easy to apply just a little at a time or alot at once. It’s really up to each individual to the speed at which one wants to apply it. The one thing it doesn’t take into account is for physical disabilities. I’ve had operations on both my feet. So I can’t really do 10,000 steps a day. Even so I think I can use it, just not the physical side of it. I’ll have to work around that. I like that it counts my steps.

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