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Super Fashion Star DailyDo you want to become a trendsetter and a fashionista? In the Super Fashion Star Daily, you need to integrate your own understanding of art through your own perception of fashion matching, makeup styling, color perception, etc., as well as your grasp and understanding of fashion trends.

Aesthetic analysis, the overall matching of hairstyles, clothing and jewelry of fashion stars, PK with other fashion lovers, challenge other stylists, and conquer the fashion podium!

Unique fashion game, experience realistic or luxurious game themes, show your style with a variety of fashionable clothes and gorgeous makeup hairstyles, make fashion models look more attractive and stylish. Become a super fashion stylist and designer in various dress up and fashion events, take part in clothing game challenges and fashion competitions – compete with other fashion lovers.

Game Features
Multiple Scenes Create
Create a perfect fashion star through three aspects of daily life, music recording and film shooting;
Each scene has its own style to match, you can complete any style of dress matching in the scene you like.

Perfect Dream Wardrobe
Variety of dresses and styles, fill your wardrobe with beautiful clothes and shoes, unique jewelry and eye-catching accessories!
Dress up, create exclusive looks for glamorous events, experiment with different styles to show your glamour, and fulfill your dreams of becoming the pinnacle of fashion!

Changeable Makeup
Who says you can only have one makeup look? A variety of styles can be created at will, whether it is sexy or sweet, and different makeup looks are matched with different fashions, so that sophistication becomes your synonym.

Avatar Spokesperson
There are a variety of avatars for you to choose from, each avatar has its own unique style, choose the one that suits you best, show your fashion taste, and make yourself stand out among the many fashion stars.

Challenge Levels & PK
You’ll compete one-on-one with other aspiring clothing stylists and designers to create the most stylish outfits! Become a top fashion and costume designer and be recognized for your unique fashion style! Dress up your supermodel in your best fashion! Each level has different players to PK with you, defeat them to win the championship and become a fashion star.

Dear girl, this is your journey . Come on, come and join us to start your fashion journey!

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Super Fashion Star Daily user reviews :

I would like this app a lot more if you could actually see what the clothing looks like on the model before you have to commit to buying it. Every other fashion app I’ve played has that feature. Also, a better variety of clothing is needed. And the jewelry – why isn’t there earrings that go with any of the necklaces?? That’s just ridiculous. Also, 3 or 4 ads to get a pair of sunglasses or a lipstick?? Crazy. This is the second Vlinder app I’ve had, and the first one was problematic too. TaTa!

Almost every cute item is locked. The characters don’t change even though it says I gained a new character, it remains the same white girl. I have reached 432 trophies but still no new items and the items that I’ve unlocked do not appear when I have to dress up. Besides all that the clothes and hair are so realistic and beautiful I do like it

You can’t even try on an outfit to see if you want it before getting hijacked by the ad. There are other fashion games that let you try it on and choose if you want it or not.

Love this game more then others opinions I think its a cool game ads that’s really not a problem for me because I’m very used to it like all other games apparently there is going to be ads so I can get use to it in I like the experience of this game!

I choose 4 star’s because some of the things are not open so I don’t have enough things I can’t even buy staff yeah it’s good but that’s the problem can you please fix that so the game can be lekker by the way I like it

Love Love LOVE this game!! But I am only giving it 4 stars. Because I am getting a little burnt out on choosing the same outfits over and over again. Needs more variety.

I love this game of it it helps me when I don’t know what to pick up my outfit sometimes even though I’m even 9 years old but this game is really funny and help me out with stuff about it it’s like it’s like a power inside of it it’s like so this one in so I was in the house with my mom and she need a help with find some clothes so I just done it on the game and I just yeah so this is why I love this game

Nice relaxing game too many ads tho that’s the only thing that takes away from the fun of the game some ads r ok just not too many. Thank you

Very good app but sometimes when I watch and add to claim an outfit I watch the ad but no reward But overall its a great app u should make more but fix the mistakes

I like the game personally but that’s just my opinion and yeah there is a lot of ads but it’s ok I don’t really mind it’s always hard for 5 star rating but here

I love this game but I wish that we were able to buy the clothing with coins and not have to use ads to unlock clothes.

It helps me with my fashion techniques and also it’s a good app to try so you guys should try and see if you guys are good at it I keep wondering because of this fashion game it’s so good you guys should all try it and it is very fun you guys litoris love it by

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