Solitaire Zen – Earn your rank in the worldwide leaderboards

[Game] Solitaire Zen

Solitaire ZenPrepare yourself for the stunningly gorgeous, spectacularly immersive Solitaire Zen.

It’s classic Klondike (Windows) solitaire like you’ve never seen it before. Look around at the cards, the environment, the sky…liberate yourself from the shackles of forced perspective.

Gain experience, level up, and earn your rank in the worldwide leaderboards. Above all else, enjoy yourself. Let Solitaire Zen transport you to a world of pure bliss.

Staggering graphics with high-res display support
Virtual reality
Hyper-realistic ambient audio
Standard controls for non-gyro devices
Global online leaderboards
Leveling and ranking system

Solitaire Zen user reviews :

Good job Naquatic great

Very irritating to have the screen bobbing around while playing a game of solitaire. I’m uninstalling.

I don’t like the way touching the screen tilts the playing board. It would be nice if it stayed still so its easier to play.

One of the worst solitaire games ever. No back button. No hint. The cards are difficult to place. The screen moves around. You can’t see your cards when you draw three. There are no card options. This thing just sucks, I don’t know how it got so many stars.

The app does not work at all so I am uninstall it, unhappy with it.

All that for a bloody solitaire game? and it’s not even the best solitaire.

Won’t let me turn the view, its the only reason I downloaded it, I coulda just downloaded a regular solitaire app with more types of solitaire games

The games graphics are nice but its unplayable. Cards keep disappearing or don’t even register being selected.

I couldn’t play. Cards moving around without stopping. Please fix ASAP. Graphics look great.Uninstalled.

But it really needs an exit button, bad. How this gets left out of any app released in the last year is beyond me. Fix it!

Works great and looks amazing but causes daydreaming! I catch myself looking around at everything else but the cards lol

super pretty n i liked playing it but forced closed and rebooted phone a lot..uninstalling.

Really great solitaire game with amazing graphics! The gyro view was a little much for my eyes, but it’s easy to turn off.

Nice looking game too bad no way to exit and developer does not respond to emails

Can’t get the screen to stay still long enough to play kind of cool idea but completely worth less at the same time I will be uninstalling

Need an email to play…. Lies that you won’t share it. All people who want email to play sell your email to third parties… Trust me I know…

Solitaire with 3D background that does nothing for the game and constant ambient sounds with little variation that you wanna turn off after 1-2 games. If only the 3D area was used for something related to the card game instead of just being gimmicky to seem to set it apart from other Solitaire apps. Might have been a nice detail if the camera moved around in a 3D world as the player gains more points or something to that nature but this is pretty pointless

Any one that enjoy the game of solitaire will love the extra benefits of the great graphics that this game has. Try it, you will be pleasantly engaged in an old time favorite with a new twist.

I could have kicked myself for installing this game. It was very upsetting

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