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[Game] Go Dolliz – 3D Doll Dress Up

Go DollizCalling all fashionistas! Discover Go! Dolliz, the amazing dress-up & fashion design game with virtual 3D surprise dolls that you can unbox, collect and dress-up!

From Dramaton, the creators of the famous DIY art and design, ASMR and 3D coloring games Super Slime Simulator and Squishy Magic, comes Go! Dolliz, a groundbreaking fashion doll unboxing, collection and fashion design game. Get ready to embark on an exciting creative journey as you unbox surprise dolls and fashion treasures and use them to express your styling and fashion design skills.

Discover the thrill of unboxing new dolls, as well as hundreds of fashionable clothes and accessories for your dolls that are added to your doll dress up collection. Collect rare and exquisite fashion items to enhance your doll’s wardrobe and express your creativity. With every unboxing, you expand your kingdom and gain access to an ever-growing collection of trendy and timeless pieces.

craft your doll’s unique look by selecting from an array of trendy outfits, mix and match accessories, and even experiment with makeup and hair design to create the ultimate fashion statement. Pick from dozens of fashion items and stunning outfits, from casual chic to glamorous haute couture. Explore endless combinations to create your signature fashion statement, and add some makeup to make your dolls even more glamorous. Showcase your fashion flair by mixing and matching a plethora of chic outfits, accessories, and hairstyles.
Unleash your creativity and transform dolls into bona fide style sensations. From head to toe, you’re in charge of reinvention, crafting looks that embody your unique personality. Strut your creations on the virtual runway and watch your imaginative designs come to life!

Unlock awesome dress up series, each has a unique style and tons of cool outfits and accessories: School fun, Princesses, Disco Party, Rock Band, Mermaids, Halloween, Pool Party, Outer Space and more! Each series has its own captivating theme and signature style. Experience the chic atmosphere of school, groove to the beats of the disco party or a rock band, bask in the sunlit joy of a pool party, indulge in the coziness of a slumber party, step into the shoes of a princess, or embrace the magic of Halloween – it’s all here for you to explore!

Can you dress up your dolls in different styles – hipster, classic, sporty, vintage and more – according to their requests? Try our daily doll dress up and fashion makeover challenges and show your fashion design and styling skills!

Discover the oddly satisfying lol feeling of popping bubbles and decorating cakes! Collect game coins and use them to unbox new dolls and fashion items , then use them to dress up your dolls and design new doll outfits and new styles

Ready to redefine style with every tap? Immerse yourself in the world of endless fashion opportunities, unbox your wildest imagination, and become the ultimate fashion guru. Download now and set forth on a journey of fashion, self-expression, creativity, style and endless fun. The runway is yours – let the fashion adventure begin!


Dramaton is the creator of the world famous Super Slime Simulator and Squishy Magic apps, reaching over 100 million fans worldwide. We create unique, high quality creativity and DIY apps that both children and adults can enjoy, relax with and use to express their creative spirits.

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Go Dolliz user reviews :

As always, less popup ads would be an improvement! (In a perfect world…hehe). Otherwise, this is an adorable digital version of those “L.O.™,©,®” Doll Toys! Since I am way too old to own & play with the tiny doll, this is a great alternative to the embarrassing collection! Thanks. -A 45 year old kid. Xoxo

Its a good game to pass time. I like the outfits and like some of the clothes you can get with just coins instead of unlocking everything. I just wish these was more variety of makeup colors instead of four shades of red and brown

I love this game because, first of all can customize 5 different types of dolls. Second, you can collect all kinds of accessories for your dolls like earrings, hair, hats, shoes, pets, and more. You can also do their makeup. And third, DOWNLOAD THE GAME!!! You will love it.

So I just loved this game it is so interesting game . But there is one very very very big problem that once I got the bag of doll and then a technical issue sunndely came and when I again restart my game I did not get my doll back only !!!! SO PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM .

This game is really fun and the best quality I could find. I wish you could buy premium clothes using the coins instead of just watching ads but the game still works offline. The minigames are completely pointless because you earn coins from dressing up the dolls. Overall, I highly recommend this game if you want to dress up and collect blind box dolls.

It’s a cute little fashion collectible game but too expensive and pushy for the children it seems intended for. As an adult I have no problem skipping the money grabs but I wouldn’t let a child play unsupervised.

I had put a review about the points you collect and how you should get roll over points. Y’all fixed it thank you so much now we love the game. Got the ad free. Love the game!

Play this game, it is so fun. Also, would you get characters? You literally get you get to dress up whenever you. Want you like you get to do anything like what? Like considerably, I was so surpriyes.

I think they should keep the prizes low but my little sister loves this game so 4 stars but she kept complaining about everything being expensive

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