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[Game] Survival City – Zombieland

Survival CityIn Survival City you’ll embark on an epic journey to fight for survival in a city overrun by hordes of bloodthirsty zombies.

Your mission is clear: hunt down the relentless zombies, study the art of creating vaccines, and save your beloved city from the brink of destruction.

Immerse yourself in intense, action-packed idle battles where you’ll utilize explosive weapons and command a team of powerful heroes to hold the line against the relentless tsunami of zombies. Are you ready to face the ultimate challenge and prove your mettle in the battle for city survival?


Engage in thrilling zombie hunts and epic battles to save your city.
Unlock a wide array of explosive weapons and gear to annihilate the undead.
Command a team of powerful heroes with unique abilities and skills.
Master the art of creating life-saving vaccines to turn the tide of the apocalypse.
Experience heart-pounding, action-packed gameplay in a post-apocalyptic world.
Test your strategic prowess and decision-making skills as you fight for survival.
Join forces with fellow survivors in cooperative multiplayer modes.
Explore a beautifully detailed and immersive game world.

Will you be the hero your city needs? The fate of the city rests in your hands. Prepare for the ultimate battle against the zombie onslaught in “Survival City: Zombieland”!

Survival City user reviews :

Everything you need to do, to progress in the game, is hidden behind an ad. In fact this isn’t a game with ads, it’s an ad with games. Within the first 2 mins of gameplay you need to watch an ad, in order to use a super weapon, to progress. The game is made by ABI but it’s in the same style as a Habby game ( & SSSnake). It has nothing good going for it because it’s let down by an ad wall, which will certainly devolve into a pay wall as well. Highly recommended you avoid. Uninstalled

It’s a really great game, I love it, helps pass time when bored lol or just need a minute to relax, however, I can’t change my name at all to a name I would like, also the boss hunter mode has completely stopped working, now bosses will spawn and currently stuck at lvl 7. No matter if I reset or clear cache etc it still won’t work, please fix asap, I would definitely love to rate a 5 star and not 3, also it was supposed to be fixed on September 1st yet it still hasn’t worked for me. Thanks!

Really fun game, has potential. But full of bugs… no way to contact support, no option to save progress by linking a Google account or social media account. Really disappointing. The only reason to keep playing is ranking in Zombie King mode and now that’s even glitched, only giving me 1 point each battle instead of the usual 800-900. I’m done supporting this game. Peace

Ad timers and in-game timers do not reset. I’ve been playing for almost 1 week, and I still cannot receive my day 2 login bonus. The timers for the quest do not reset either, so I can not continue the boss and in-game quest… Please fix this. My review will change once this is addressed. I’ve supported this game by purchasing in-game items.

Pro : Typical games,overall fun to wasted time . Not bad with graphics 4/5,i kinda enjoy the gameplay 3/5 – Con : Slow introduced and animation can skip or tap to boost th speed feel very slugged,BIG minus is you got punish by ad exp : reward you with Gold(around 6-8k)when you pass the chapter but with ad you got Gold n Diamond (9-11k n 50) and the upgraded cost 5-6k at lvl 3-4 so basically u can upgraded 1 time with the reward only.Pricing of itemshop is ridiculous.Not a balanced game more P2W.

Very rewarding and relaxing for what it is, been a while since I found a decent mobile game I genuinely enjoy. Please keep adding more stuff and keep up the awesome work!

Exactly as advertised, a nice twist on the survival run around style game. Not too easy, not impossibly hard. So far anyway

I really like the game but I keep trying to do the boss rush and it gets stuck on 30% loading so I can’t play it and get my daily rewards, it works well otherwise but it’s really annoying

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