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Ultimate Football ClubUltimate Football Club is a new generation 3D mobile football game with FIFPro authorization and endorsement from Juventus, Bayern and other well-known football clubs.

The game is made with the most advanced 3D engine, brings an unusual football game experience! Combine players’ custom skills with formation system, strategy achieve the ultimate football club!

Game Features

FIFPro authorized, Juventus, Bayern Allstars Stand By
FIFPro officially authorized, update regularly every season to show you the most realistic football world. More than hundreds of teams and thousands of players, 100% restored the pure football, find all you want here. Serie giant Juventus officials announced, the Ronaldo accompany you to play.

Heroic Moment
Innovative manipulation of “Heroic moment”, full control whether offence and defence, grasp the key of the game, make a right choice at the critical moment and control the game yourself, you are the best player.

Various Formation
You can choose a variety of formations, and switch-on-the-fly tactics at any time. Choose the most suitable tactics for different opponents. Hundreds of lineup options, thousands of tactical combinations, on-the-spot tactics switching at any time, flexible formation of team lineups, free switching between offense and defense, choice of the most appropriate tactics for different opponents, and become the gold coach

PVP Real-Time Battle
The game provides a complete PVP system, to have a chat with friends anytime, anywhere, or freely match other players. Prove yourself in the football unions and leagues, challenge your players in other regions on behalf of your club, and become a true football master.

Upgrade Your Football Superstar
Customized player attributes, each football player has his unique skills, use their iconic stunts to make a name for themselves in the football world. Superstar develop plan, players break through multiple dimensions, inspire the unlimited potential of the team, and build an ultimate club.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/UFCSEA
Instagram: english-ufc
Custom service email: ufc-sea[at]hoolaigames.com

Voice actor information: Marcus Pittman (https://www.g-angle.co.jp/voice/narration/studio_narrator/en_eu/659)

Ultimate Football Club is co-developed by Capstone Gaming and OneSports.

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Ultimate Football Club user reviews :

The game is good, and it has a lot of potential. Please also add head to head in the game, so that you can fight your friends at the same time not AI.Also there are some bugs that need to be squished like sometimes it freezes the game for no reason. But please keep updating the game so that it can compete with other football games like fifa, etc.

In ace manager event i ve been robbed 2 matches by the opponents after winning the battle,final score shows one match loss and the other result in a draw.It decreases my ranking.Please fix this issue.

Good game a little unstable and things don’t load sometimes Chat function doesn’t work and can’t get hold of the developers with issues

Good game but can be improved. There’s a huge buggy problem with almost every one & that is the “arena”, We Wins the match but at the time of results it shows we lose. Eg:- I won by 3-0 , it shows I lost by 2-0 , how the heck is it possible? Fix it. Other wise game is good, just improve graphics, add more real faces. And add legends in the transfer market!

  • Halo, Kami mohon maaf Anda memiliki beberapa masalah dengan permainan. Kami sedang berupaya memperbaiki masalah tentang hasil pertandingan yang tidak konsisten. Mohon terima permintaan maaf kami. Harap dicatat bahwa Anda dapat menghubungi kami di alamat berikut. fb.com/UFCSEA ufc-sea[at]hoolaigames.com

I like this game very much. I have not played an awesome game like this before. The stunning 3D graphics & gameplay are worldclass. The sing in rewards are also awesome. In this game you can also add some legends like David Beckham,Diego Maradona,Pele,Zico,etc. There is a new problem the game is not starting it is telling that there is no net connection but I have 4G net with high speed pls resolve this problem or I will delete the game. I love this game and rest all are ok. Thank You.

  • Dear Player, Thank you for playing and for your kind words! The positive feedback from you motivates us to do better. You can contact us at below addresses for all your questions, complaints or requests. Have fun playing the game!  www.facebook.com/UFCSEA/ อีเมล: ufc-sea[at]hoolaigames.com

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