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[Game] Guardian Goddess – Idle RPG

Guardian GoddessWe are recruiting gamers from the world government!

Manipulate a guardian who never dies to wipe out the enemy and grow indefinitely!

Smart hologram beautiful girl AI guardian!
Endless growth while not connected to the game!
You can manipulate your guardian by yourself and let him hunt automatically according to the situation.

Unmatched speed and batting!
Hack-and-slash game with different dimensions from more than 200 monsters!
The more you grow, the faster you attack and the more you move, the more fun you feel to play!

A lot of strategies, but simple and easy to play!
If you hunt without the stress of death and become strong, it’
You can use a variety of skills and equipment to grow with your own special strategy!

Communicate with other gamers!
Communicate with other users at Gangnam Station, which is embodied in the virtual world, and go to another world!
Show your own characters with hundreds of appearance combinations!



Customer Center
Game Title Screen > Menu > Customer Center
Email address: mobilegamecs[at]

Guardian Goddess user reviews :

This is a sever side issue, not a hardware issue, every 5 seconds or so, a loading overlay appears on your screen to update your current stats to their server, when it appears you’re unable to do anything and its duration can last between 1-3 seconds. That alone ruins the whole experience, it doesn’t matter what the game has to offer if it’s constantly loading for every action you do.

The 2 stars is for two things: 1) the game constantly pauses and loads. 2) the tutorial is horrible. The tutorial will say, buy a box from the store. But the icon is called Shop. Or “composite gear in the upper right corner” and what they really want you to do is craft gear on the gear page. I should not be that confused by a tutorial.

No content! sure it’s new but it is so empty. Infinite tower difficulty is too high after 24f. Very long loading screen after log-in but runs very smooth with high settings on a very dated phone. Feels like a rushed launch by the publisher..

Perhaps due to overload, I can’t enter the game. Before I can even open the Setup after entering the game, it crashed. In summary, the game server is overcrowded and causes a crash in devices. Please fix the game.

The game is brand new, so there will be bugs and lagging. I like the futuristic feel of the game. The designs are cute as well. It would be best to use a higher end device for the game: one with lots of RAM. It may run better.

I haven’t played it yet to give a right review but there’s already a problem I’m encountering. I’m trying to log using apple but it just says “Login Failed” or sometimes even crashing after doing apple login. Maybe there’s a problem with apple but that’s unlikely to happen, or maybe your servers are down? I hope it gets fixed soon.

Decent idle rpg game. I’ve played KR version as well. It is somewhat enjoyable except for constant few seconds loading every time when you upgrade stats, receive rewards or enter dungeon.

Ways to view our stats, more event , profile, skills should reset upon summoning boss, no dev response? The game has potential better implement what players suggest.

after 2 days of playing i’ve really enjoyed the game. there still a bunch to improve on QoL change but overall a good idle game.

Awesome game I love it I hope it will last forever also please fix the game asap because there is too much Lag

very interesting as i am the first Arabian in the game i didn’t expect it will be that good i am very happy that i am one of the new gamers in it

Why people say it bad:(((((( It very good thooo Very f2p friendly, u can have more than 10500 diamonds just from daily and 30x cost just 1000 diamonds

The graphics are absolutely stunning. The characters are beautifully-animated, and the environments are lush and detailed.

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