Gun and Girls – Never-ending slasher

[Game] Gun and Girls  – Gunner Maker

Gun and GirlsFrom Throwing Star Maker to Legendary Block, Pigeon Maker and Minicar Maker!
We introduce you to a our new and latest idle merge game!

What makes us speical from the other idle merge RPG games?
Say goodbye to tricky controls! all available just with one finger!
Endless waves of various contents!
Pixel, Mecha, Millitary, RPG blended into one full game!

Special Perks of Gun and Girls : Gunner Maker
Never-ending slasher action of monster hoards!
5 different charms from 5 different characters!
Diverse customization with various skills and costumes!

Competitive PvP?
Tiresome purchase offers?
Not enough time in real life?

Bid farewell to the countless typical Idle merge RPG you have came across!
Just for you!

Take the time to try out our other games; ‘Legendary Block’, ‘Pigeon Maker’, ‘Throwing Star Maker’, ‘Throwing Star Maker 2’ and ‘Minicar Maker’

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Developer Contact : help[at]

Developer Contact :

Gun and Girls user reviews :

Best idle game I’ve ever played. The tutorial was not too long or not too short. Their other games are the same way. So simple and easy it grabbed my attention as soon as I opened the game. I love how it interactive it is.

I normally don’t spend that much time on Idle games because it is quick to reach an ‘end’. But this one is different: no prestige but it takes a while even reach hardmode stages. And what I think is the best about it is that there is no forced ads. Only ads are to prompt bonuses or get a few gems, which are already really easy to find. You can also easily play without spending a single penny to progress. This is the best of the best I think, a great 10/10 Idle game.

  • Thanks for leaving a good review We will do our best to make it a fun game in the future. have a good day thank you

Enjoying the game so far, although it not being in English does make things a little difficult. I know MouseDuck is hard at work with a translation and I’m excited! Edit: With translations and more content this is an excellent idle game. It would be nice if there were more active features, but even as it stands this is incredibly fun. Can’t wait for more content!

  • Thank you so much for liking our game If you go into the game settings, you can play the game in various languages!

This is the only game where I would say buying the $10 no-ads purchase is worth it, but also feels like unlocking the full game. Nearly every currency can be directly or indirectly bought with ads. HOWEVER Even if you don’t buy it, if you carefully take a look around the shops, and take advantage of everything you’re given You can still earn hundreds of thousands of gems within days. I only wish that you could make the buttons bigger and that the tutorial explained more in English.

  • Hello Thanks for writing a good review We will do our best to make the game more interesting in the future. Have a nice day and be happy. Thank you.

Translation could use a bit of work, but other then that its a great idle/incremental game. Can remove all ads which is a big plus. Gives out more then enough free diamonds and gacha boxes sp that you can progress without spending if you wish. The no ads purchase makes it much more enjoyable, and at $10 is fair for how many hours I’ve already played.

  • Thank you very much for liking our game. We will do our best to make a good game in the future. have a good day Thank you

Definitely enjoy this game. Like more than your Ninja Star one. 5 characters better than 1. And of course guns way better. Lots to do in game. And the girls don’t make it worse. Keep up the great work. Update: Came back, enjoy the pets addition. Some sort of Super Boss would be a cool edition that takes more effort.

  • Hello, thank you for leaving a good review We will continue to update continuously so that users can enjoy the game happily. Have a nice day today and thank you for your interest and love for our game.

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