Rebirth of Myths – Witness the intense showdown

[Game] Rebirth of Myths – Dragonborn

Rebirth of MythsUnleash the clash of ancient myths from around the world!

Born from the enigmatic Viking mythology, the mighty Dragonborn makes a grand entrance in the latest update!

Witness the intense showdown between the Viking Dragonborn and the Eastern Monkey King in the new saga!

100 million free diamonds for every starter, and many other new-server gifts are awaited to be claimed, just download Rebirth of Myths:

Dragonborn, And set off on a journey of discovery!

Counter Strike From Dragonborn
One-click control of the Dragonborn, unleash infinite combos with ultra-high damage for an exhilarating gaming experience!
Dragonborn VS Monkey King, who’s stronger?

Play like a Millionaire
New server, new gifts! Claim 100+ mounts, 1000+ cool outfits, and more.
Explore freely, defeat monsters, and get exclusive rewards – free permanent outfits, wings, and divine pets for boss battles!

AFK for Power Surge
Auto-battle feature for a rapid ascent to level 200 and a quick boost in power.
Diverse and easy-to-learn gameplay – dive into multiple dungeons and experience the thrill of automatic combat!

Romantic Encounters Await
Encounter gods from the East and West – will it be fierce rivalry or destined companionship?
Explore a diverse and immersive social world for the most authentic friendship experience.

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Rebirth of Myths user reviews :

Semi auto mmorpg, it doesn’t 100% auto play for you which is a plus, but still far too much auto to bother with and the game play overall just feels awkward and sloppy like somebody was rushing to meet a deadline rather than putting out a refined and finished product.

Hi I’ve read a few reviews and I personally like to find out myself what games are about instead of listening to haters. Robert if you don’t like autoplay avoid hitting the Auto play function in this game simple. This game has an automatic and manual gameplay and you if you turn it of then it stays off during battles, that puts you in the category as newbie to mmo As for recharge yes it can be expensive however learn how to play. Great game keep up the great work. This is my opinion on the game

I did have 2* but moved it 2 1* cause support dumb… gave them all the pictures they needed to fix a problem but they want me to DL another app to record my game play and then send it off even though the pictures showed same thing as a video would… it’s a pay game sure can play without playing but you’ll lose interest real fast. Devs do nothing for its players, it’s all about $$$…

I’m from Canada, and firstly, this game in itself is pretty good. So why the 2 star rating? The conversion rate for purchases is insanely, over 50% lo and behold I go to purchase a $19.99 package and I’m being charged $31.99. I understand fees and taxes, but this is nowhere near the $3 or $4 conversion rates in Google play for other games when purchasing the same amount. So why the additional %50? Just frikkin insane!

To everyone who’s having an issue with getting back to their upgraded character/characters go to your account and then to the last login and there you will find your previous data so you can continue where you left off! Just figured it out myself!

I’m enjoying the game a lot and have told some friends about it. There’s so many grinding options for f2p. My only issue is the clump of ads and offers in the upper right. It’s obstructing some of the screen.

Not really game play, just idle and watch things flash, no manual, time events are labeled as occurring aren’t accurate. Can’t get an answer from customer service and stuck needing to go to a banquet event that never seems to happen

Middle of the road rating because very p2w & bots “spending” ridiculous amounts – great deco, relatively busy servers, plenty to do daily. Interesting way of breaking down xserv, gets you friendly with other servers before introducing Nations which tears that apart fast lol

Not the type of game I like, it plays itself. Art is real nice. I couldn’t find how to get my 100mill diamonds free that the ad said, two ads said 100mill diamonds, one ad said 1 million diamonds. I think it’s deceptive to say free diamonds and then not give them. I’ll be removing app.

I enjoy this game and would love to play, but it’s super laggy for me no matter what the game is named. I’ve tried various settings, but the game still lags and hangs. I play many of these types of games and this is the only one that has ever given me trouble.

I just started but it all seems to be going very smooth so far… good leveling easy upgrading….. I’m liking it!

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