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Happy Clinic  Happy Clinic is a free time management hospital game where the greatest wealth is health!

Dozens of intense challenges await in quirky hospitals across the world, where the equipment is as unique as the climate. It’s up to you to improve each hospital and guarantee the best care possible! As a young nurse work to assist the best doctors in treating various diseases and illnesses, prepare medicine and tools, assign patients to treatment or diagnostics, research samples at laboratories, and engage in other exciting activities. Your dream hospital awaits!

Build your research headquarters and help the professor to discover new medical devices that expand gameplay and turn your hospital into an unstoppable healthcare juggernaut.

This fun hospital game features:

Hours of entertainment in the time-management genre
Unlock memories that reveal a dramatic story about the nurse’s life
Enjoy addictive levels and unique locations
Improve and decorate the research center to expand your gameplay options
Treat patients with a wide variety of medicine and equipment you’ve researched
Collect and get to know patients from around the world
Try endless mode for endless fun
Experience unique and fun events in your research center

Join in and experience a unique, fun, and absolutely FREE casual hospital simulator!

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Happy Clinic user reviews :

This is the game I’ve been waiting for. Gameplay is wonderful, but I hate the fact that I very rarely have the chance to gain lives. I also hate the fact that I can’t restart levels, since I always aim to completely max out requirements. Earning money is fair and at times needs luck from RNG. For folks struggling, failing the minimum requirement to pass will give you an opportunity to earn coins and a chance double them with an ad. Use this to gain income.

I like it but I would increase the lives or decrease the wait time for refill. Alternatively, I would add the option to restore a life by watching an advert as a permanent feature. Currently you can only do it once a day or so. It’s a win win for both devs and players, so I don’t see why not keep the option perma available. If you’re looking for fake game time extension this isn’t the right approach, devs. You already have endless mode, that should be enough content to keep users playing longer.

I ALMOST loved this game…smh. There needs to be a way to increase coins, maybe watching ads? It takes FOREVER to get enough coins to buy upgrades. To not lose the round you waste diamonds which doesn’t help you win because you most likely need to upgrade but can’t because you don’t have enough money. Please fix that and I’ll continue playing.
  • Nordcurrent
  • Hi! There are various ways to earn gems and coins, hope it will help! * Come back to play every day to receive daily rewards! * Get more happy patients and level ups. Rewards are given for all the lewels, achievements, new patients, etc; * Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for giveaways www.facebook.com/HappyClinicGame/.!
You can’t pick the level you want to play. For instance, I’m stuck on level 15 because I don’t have the coins to buy any kind of upgrade, which would allow me to win the level, so I keep losing and gaining very little coinage compared to beating a level. I feel like I’m running on a hamster wheel wasting energy while getting nowhere. I can spend gems to get coins, but that’s ridiculously stupid.
  • Nordcurrent
  • Hi! We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Please, let us know what we could improve or what issues you encountered at www.nordcurrent.com/support so we could make the game better for everyone!

I love the ideas that go into this game and their really fun but upgrades are very expensive very quickly and it makes it impossible to pass certain levels. I’ve redone this level 10+ times because I can’t pass it and I don’t have any money to upgrade and theres no other way to make money. Please make it easier to make money without playing the levels or something! Other than that this game is so much fun. Will continue trying to beat this level

Easy and relaxing games. Its not easy but not difficult. It’s also completely possible to play without any purchases. Obviously when you complete a destination hospital, the rewards are dramatically reduced for the ‘endless mode’. However, the new destination hospital rewards are a good amount. I would give 5* if they would bring the next destination update.

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