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NinnekoNinneko is an enchanting role-playing game in which players can earn by nurturing Nekos, building lineups to defeat enemies through PvP/PvE battles and campaigns.

Each Ninneko is a unique creature made up of a rare combination of hair, ears, tail, eyes, hand, and mouth. Those cattributes are determined by their genetic code.

Their goal is to conquer the whole forest, build new villages, and establish a strong empire. To carry out the invasion, the village creates potential teams and continuously trains. A strategic Ninneko team is a combination of 5 classes: warrior, support, mage, ranger, assassin.

So many special features to explore

You will receive 6 five-star Nekos for free after logging in and play unlimitedly all features

You should hybridize the Nekos you already have to create more Nekos which can have more rare powerful gene

Take part in a guild or build your own guild – always ready to join monthly guildwar and receive bunch of rewards

You can easily trade items you have with other players on Nineko Market

Fight for honor and get huge of rewards

Build your own team and get ready for battles.
Glorious victory awaits you all there, in the Ninneko

Ninneko user reviews :

Needs improvement. 1. If you’re not a techy person you will have a hard time figuring out how to connect your main account to metamask. 2. Not much to do after energy runs out 3. Is it so hard to put labels on the in app market, you don’t even know what item that is and what its use for unless you try to look it up in their website. 4. If you click on the cat skills, they don’t have info if they attack single or multiple enemies.

Super slow loading in almost all aspect of game compared to 3 months ago. This game was literally no app improvements. Everytime there’s an event, expect always a lot of errors, bugs and a very slow game app response and loading. Opening adventure, guild, or arena takes time and the loading sometimes saying connection error even that I have a smooth internet connection (I’m also monitoring my net connection). The longer the game runs, the worser it gets. Devs keeps on making useless events. Sad

This game is super cute you guys and thank you for making the characters so big and fill the whole screen. A lot of older people or people with eye problems play these games, so we really appreciate it. The game is very laggy and seems abandoned?

Superb gameplay. Amazing graphics. So easy to play and you don’t need to spend hours to enjoy because of the idle nature of the game. They have one of the best devs out there and have the most amazing mods that are super responsive.

A good play to earn game, don’t need to spend too much time to play. You need to invest first- meaning buy nft cats to earn. You can also breed cats. The game play is enjoyable and the devs are active on updates. The cats are cute, the graphics are good. Hoping to have continuous updates and better game plays in the future. I think this is the next axie. More power ninneko.

I really love to play this game at start of the beta version even though I us the normal pets since I don’t have a capital yet to buy a breeding pet. But I was little bit disappointed on the new version that I start to zero again all my mata and data from beta is lost. I try to sync but it’s not working, pls try to resolve this prob

There’s a little bit bug but it was fix at all in graphics, designs of characters and the Arena or an background in this gme was fix but I expecting to this game an more development and Exciting things that I didn’t see to other nft games. Keep Safe and Good Luck

At first it was fun but now I am stuck at level 3-9 and I can’t beat it. I tried exploring the game to find a way to beat that level but nothing helped. Even the offline reward. After 10 hours of waiting and I got 1 red fish and I need 89 more to upgrade my cat to lvl 50. Pls add more grindable quest. Not only that, I can’t equip a single nineko to participate in the arena let alone defend my position. I hope you try the game yourselves to understand F2P player’s experience. Good Luck!

Game does not work! It starts but only to the title/first screen and then nothing happens. I think the game must be dead as it received its last update over 6 Month ago Moto G51 5G SD480+

Superb game but I noticed in level up section, at the 30 level notification show to get 5th Neko, but didn’t get. Also make sure other types of problem in this app to clear for users. Overall this game is perfect.

Exceptional RPG. If you’re just looking for a casual time sink on your phone that’s F2P you’re in luck – this is slick! If you’re invested into the NFT ecosystem, you can also use this to P2E. Everything works well and is a joy to play.

this game is amazing! Devs are amazing! This gamewill surely pass other nft games. I have been with ninneko since the start and have not regretted joining this game since. The game specs are on point and everything else is present. If you’re going to invest, this is the best place to do it.

This one of the easy free games that’s quite fun to play. The level of difficulty is designed such that it doesn’t wear or tire you out. You’ll definitely enjoy it

Nice game! Though Im still learning some few things and exploring it.. Try to read their whitepaper and roadmap on the website! Developers did a great job for these nft game! ☺️☺️ Looking forward for more upcoming rewards, upgrades and gain more earnings! I can see a worth investing and spending your time here! I really enjoyed my 1 hour playing and will continue to play hahaha!.. God Bless Ninneko!.. powerup!

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