Heroes and Dragons – Fantasy meets strategy in a quest for glory

[Game] Heroes and Dragons

Heroes and DragonsDive into the mystical world of “Heroes & Dragons,” an enthralling and new RPG where fantasy meets strategy in a quest for glory.

With hundreds of heroes to guide you, experience a game that blends enchanting adventures with a touch of humor and tactical depth.

Amazing Campaign:
Embark on a gripping journey through a beautifully crafted world. Each chapter unfolds new challenges and spectacular scenes, pushing you to strategize and conquer. Discover ancient secrets and meet allies who will join in your epic quest.

Funny Story:
Amidst the battles and quests, “Heroes & Dragons” offers a lighthearted and engaging storyline. Enjoy witty dialogues, humorous twists, and delightful characters that keep the adventure enjoyable and refreshing. It’s not just about fighting; it’s about laughing along the way!

Deep Tactical Battle:
Prepare for combat that challenges your strategic thinking. Each battle requires careful planning as you manage resources, position your heroes, and exploit enemy weaknesses. With a variety of hero abilities, enemy types, and environmental factors, no two battles are the same.

Arena – PvP:
Test your skills against other players in the thrilling Arena mode. Build your team, refine your tactics, and climb the leaderboards in intense player-versus-player battles. Show off your strategic prowess and earn exclusive rewards as you duel your way to the top.

“Heroes & Dragons” is not just a game, but a journey of courage, humor, and strategy. Are you ready to become a hero in a world of dragons and laughter? Download now and forge your path to glory!

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Heroes and Dragons user reviews :

The mechanics for upgrading feels super disjointed, and honestly it’s just a boring game. Edit after dev response: I love turn based rpgs, ive been playing fire emblem since Gameboy. This one lacks substance, it doesn’t drag you in. You’re limited with heroes and weapons, unless you pay for them. The leveling and upgrade system is bare bones and not fleshed out in an engaging way. I hope that’s specific enough for the devs

  • Sorry to read that you didn’t find it entertaining enough. Guess we just really love deep Turn Based games and can’t be bored by them

Good game bad interphase too small. Needs more mini game modes like chess or merge. Lots of Characters, but super low drop rate. Needs to be an allowance of buying a hero of choice directly every month. Also for the team against team part there needs to be access to real time player vs player not player vs ai. Because you can outsmart the ai. Needs 6-8 new levels and 4 new characters every 3 months added to the store. Also equipment should be able to be enchanted or gemmed. Variation is desired

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this super-descriptive review! Yes, the game is very new and we are adding more features and content on a weekly basis. The arena won’t be live but you will fight real player teams starting from next week’s update

Awesome graphics No forced adds. I love the characters Offline a plus Update: Needs a button to be able to sell more unused artifacts faster. One at a time is very slow when I got 50 of each kind to sale. Drop rate pretty low.. mayby work on these two. . Great game Thanks

  • Thank you so much for this review, it really helps us and motivates us to work faster and harder and make the game more awesome. Be on the lookout for next week’s big update (guilds V1!) If you haven’t already joined our discord channel and feel like chatting with the awesome community and us devs, we are all here: discord.gg/ZyBWsyeJVZ

I was gonna give a 3…but game is new so for now a 5. Things to work on? Drop rate Is extremely low, I don’t even wanna spend money cause I do not trust the system, No first time purchase bonus? This is mostly a personal one. And activities timeframe are odd and to generate points is super low. Other then that I can’t wait for updates.

  • We really appreciate the feedback and the fact that you did cut us some slack Still working on balancing and improvements. Once you’ve made some more progress, you’ll start seeing that you are actually able to optimize and gain much more points faster. Regarding purchases, our focus is on the gameplay, but there are great deals here and there.

I’ll give it four for now drop rates kinda suck at the moment. I’ve probably spent over a 100 reg brews and got a rare rarely.. when I save 10brews one rare every twenty would b better. Id like to see a part two to the story. And possible add leader skills to epics and above. Hoping for holiday side events in the future.. and continue to add more characters thru out the year. And on the side story, create theme side stories ie pirates, tainted ECT..I’m enjoying it though..

  • Thank you so much for the detailed review! We usually have special events in the weekends where drop rates are greatly improved and we are adding new ways to gain more heroes without pulling!

I really like the game and think if they keep adding new content will keep people playing for a long time. Only thing I would change is that you could alter where to deploy your units once you have seen the map.

  • Thank you so much for the review and feedback! We will continue to add content on a weekly basis so no worries on that front ;) We have considered adding the option to reposition the team but didn’t pull the trigger on it yet after some feedback from the community.

Dude be more generous with the summon beer, and the gift for completing the campaign isnt appealing at all, whats the point of having money and armor set but no heroes? I know you want us to spend on your game but im afraid it will be like the 5 heroes after i spend some dime there you abandon the game, but overall this game is awesome

  • Dude! We are on it! :) We are adding more free heroes to the campaign very very soon. In addition, we’ve got multiple events coming up and are looking for more ways to balance the experience for all players. BTW, this game isn’t even 3 months old! So you can be sure there is so much more coming. (Our previous one celebrates six years soon)

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