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Heroes Never DieHeroes Rise!

Heroes Never Die is a free-to-play, RPG game with a special feature – resurrection. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, where every battle is full of thrills!

Play unique heroes and resurrect to any of the heroes of your choice.

Various Characters to play
Players can switch heroes by resurrecting. Play different heroes and use their unique skills. Collect extraordinary heroes to form your own team.

Simple Idle Play
Experience the rapid leveling in a blink of an eye. If you’re too busy, just let it play on its own. You will be surprised by the amount of offline rewards!

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Heroes Never Die user reviews :

An idle RPG where you don’t progress while offline, you have to keep the game open at all times to push through the levels, which are long and boring. The auto-hunt is broken, even if you choose for all your heroes to attack the same target they still spread around and you end up losing which unchecks the auto progress button so they keep repeating the same level, so not only you have to keep the game open but you have to pay attention to it so if you lose you can recheck the auto progress.

Things missing or need improvement: 1- The map has no life the colors are “dead” the background looks like it was done in paint besides being very static without any animation. 2- Dungeons that look like they were made by small children, extremely simple. 3- It lacks a clan system, a system of pets, costumes/skins, weapons and more elaborate armor, as they only changed the colors of the background of the image. 4- in addition to the map being extremely gray there is almost no animati

Game looked good, bought a few packs, then after about 2-3 hours got stuck in a forge tutorial that forces you to click on an item that you need to scroll down to. But due to some idiotic choice of making a tutorial that locks the whole screen except the small glowing box I can’t scroll down to click on the item. Will try to refund the packs. New players just skip this one. Developers can’t even test the opening features…

The art is nice, the game is boring. For an auto game, you have to leave it on and running to progress at all but it takes so much time to progress even at the beginning levels. You need to pick, is this game an idle/auto/slow progress game? If so then make the game progress in some way in the background. If it’s supposed to be an active play game…. Do something to make it interesting so people want to play it actively.

The game has good art, but there are still bugs. Had to uninstall to get out of the cleric bug (resetting progress) and now I can’t use resurrection tickets. Game has issues but I’m hopeful it will get better as I like the style. 100% won’t be spending any money while it’s like this though.

started playing last night but couldn’t progress any further as the game bugged out when it told me to enhance my sword for the first time. i tried following the finger but it keeps pointing at something that’s not there and i can’t come off the screen either i’ve tried reloading the game butthe same thing just happens over and over.

Addictive. I dislike having to let the game open for better results and the ads giving lesser rewards bit a bit and the massive of lack of data. The game is not intuitive at all about anything.

A nice little game, I’m enjoying it so far. The UI is slightly confusing with skill equipping, but it’s mostly intuitive. Simple combat. Nice artwork.

Right now i ran out of quests, i see that I will struggle to get more gems since now i need 30k to expand my party. would like an update to add more and make it easier for free to play players. I also miss some info in the game like the medals system,probabilities, etc. Im placed 84 in the top rank and im on the top 14% which doesnt make much sense for me. Unless there is less than a 1000 players active

I like this game overall but the temperature and battery usage is insane. It’s constantly triggering game booster to throttle heat and shreds battery, there’s no reason at all for a game that looks and plays like this to be this system intensive.

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