HeroShip – Create your own hero party

[Game] HeroShip – Adventure Idle RPG

HeroShipStart your adventure!
Various monsters and islands will appear in the seas.
Also, you’ll see the heroes have cute conversations!

Create your own hero party!
There are a variety of heroes in HeroShip!
There are healer, damage dealer, and tank heroes. Which do you think is the strongest?
Discover the best hero combinations!

Acquire equipment!
There are thousands of options for combining equipment.
Equip your heroes with the very best equipment!

Merge your heroes!
The tier of each hero can be upgraded by merging heroes.
A top tier hero… is awesome!

Offline battle rewards!!
Your heroes continue their adventures even if you exit the game!
Collect massive rewards accumulated through the painstaking efforts of your heroes.

Three elemental towers with various monsters.
You can find new dungeons during the adventure.
Show off your power in the three towers that each have a different element.

Upcoming Updates
New growth content!
Equipment? Treasures? Guess which content will be added!

New dungeons!
A completely new special mode is under development!
Please look forward to new content that will be added!

You can obtain plenty of gems for free.
No additional downloads are required after the install.

Customer Service
If you have any questions or feedback about our game, please contact us at: heroship[at]playhardlab.com.
HeroShip strives to improve the game and is always open to feedback/opinions.

Contact information :
Contact email : heroship[at]playhardlab.com
Business Number :418-88-00378
E-commerce number : 20160423

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HeroShip user reviews :

Fun, cutesy, low commitment game. However tbh I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Would be nice to have an option to claim rewards while skipping the ads, I would pay for such a permanent perk. Other than that, the number of draws before drawing an epic hero should be capped at 10, not increasing, as it exponentially increases the difficulty of upgrading your heroes as the game progresses.

Would be a pretty fun game, neet art style and plays smooth. Unfortunately there are ads after pretty much everything, you don’t need to watch but you will miss out on ALOT if skipped. Need to be able to pay to remove them.. Will improve stars when and if its done before i uninstall

It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong. But the saving needs to be worked on. I’ve finished worlds, closed the game, come back, and had to redo the entire world. If it’s not going to be saving automatically, then there should be a manual save button.

Please fix this. I am unable to save my progress. Whenever I reach the 2nd word, game auto crash and when I play it again it loads in the intro. I am stuck here. I tried it 10 times. Waste of time if this not fix yet.

It looks amazing and has great potential but i have a problem with the hud, it is judt buttons. I cant see what the buttons do, or dialogue. I cant even see how much gold i have. Fix this and it could easily be 5 stars

So I am enjoying the game, ads are optional but the rewards per add are pretty decent. As of right now. Hopefully the rewards scale with the cost of things as I progress. But worth giving it a shot. Good job devs.

This game is cute. Adventure with merging system. I love this game but… The apps are crash then after you log in again game start from The scratch. Progress of the game can’t save even if you have a data connection or offline. I hope the developer read this. Thanks.

It seems fun, but the game keeps crashing before the tutorial is complete, and makes me restart. Everytime. If this was fixed, I’d rate higher.

I like the art style and the gameplay, but i couldnt play more than a few minutes. It would kick me out the game, and reset my whole progress.

Automatic 1 star. A popup asking for a rating before you even get to the main menu. Why would you want us to rate the game before we even get a chance to play it? Gonna try the game anyways, but I’m not hopeful the rating will change.

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