HEY CLAY – Teach your kid clay modeling with fun



Dive into an exciting DIY activity of educational creative play!

Do you want to teach your kid clay modeling with fun? HEY CLAY® makes it easy.
Start with simple balls and sausage shapes, and your child will soon make amazing characters, just like a real sculptor!

The App connects inspiring clay animation with hands-on experience of modeling. When used with any modeling clay, play dough, or plasticine, it aims at improving child’s motor skills while having fun. Colorful and engaging, it instantly takes your kid on a fantastic journey of creative crafting!

Your kid will learn how to roll, squish and mold the clay into various shapes and figures. With amusing clay sets such as Aliens, Dinos, Monsters and others, the App makes learning an entertaining discovery on how to easily sculpt each of them. Bigfoot, Doggie, Dragonfly, Bigwig, Donut, Tyrannosaurus, and many other creatures can materialize from the screen. And most importantly – empower your kids to create their own fantastic claymates you’ll be proud of!


Learn about clay modelling in an easy and intuitive way, just try!
All characters contain step-by-step instructions
Helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, abstract thinking
Amazing original colorful animation
Fantastic sets such as Aliens, Birds, Dinos, Monsters, Animals, Bugs, Mega Dinos and Farm Birds to sculpt
Capture & share your creation with friends
No third-party advertising
Interactive kid-friendly interface

HEY CLAY® Apps may be used to sculpt with any clay or dough. For best-looking creations use our original air-dry modeling clay, so that figures harden and you can play with them as with toys! The clay sets are available for purchase through the App.

You can also take pictures and share the creations with friends and family easily from the App. Make your own clay-art gallery to keep your masterpieces!

Enjoy creative clay modeling with HEY CLAY® App!

HEY CLAY user reviews :

brilliant fun for my little girl (and me) we’ve absolutely loved playing with this! fab idea!!

excellent app for kids. easy to follow instructions and lots of different options.

Once you download the client, it forces you to download the local client regardleaa of what language you speak. The app started in English then switched to Greek (which I don’t understand). The kicker? No language selector. From replies the app developer believes only one language per country exists, which is kinda racist. Also no tourists or visitors could ever happen! edit2: the developer has made it clear with their second response that only one language per region exists.

  • In some countries, multiple languages ​​are available in the app, but only Greek is available in the Greek version of the app so far. In the future, the application will be localized into other languages.

The app is really bad! Crashing repeatedly when entering the last birth year digit in settings. Crashing also in some other cases. I am going to change my device. Is there a way to set an account? Because there is no such an option. Edit: Support was great. After my comment support team contacted me and they fixed the crash 2 days later. Because support is the most important in my opinion, I’m changing from 1 to 5 stars. Good job guys.

  • Please, send the screenshot with the error to support[at]hey-clay.com and we will help you. Also, clarify, please, which country are you in?

Super cute creations and step by step instructions for endless play time.

I really like the app other than that you have to pay for all of then exepet for the first one in every like group

  • Hello, Cindy! Thanks for your feedback. Each set has one open sculpting instruction. If you want to unlock all characters from the set, you should enter the code from the Hey Clay box. If you cannot unlock the set after entering the code, send an email to support[at]hey-clay.com and we will help you.

this is cool a game that teaches you to make your own clay buddy I like this

Does exactly what it supposed to do. I read a bunch of negative comments on it saying that it’s not a game. No, it’s not a game. It clearly indicates on the Hey Clay box, the app is for interactive guides on how to make the little critters. I received the access code to unlock all the interactive guides to make the dinos. No fuss. I will definitely be buying the other kits. My daughter and I had a blast with this.

we love hey clay and the app but we cant get the updates to the app to take affect. we have tried everything. We want the veggie/fruit ones so that we can make them with our hey clay kits from co-op but we have tried to update the app and it says updated yet the other characters dont show up. we have restarted also.

  • Hello, G Evans. Thank you for the feedback. Please write to our support team support[at]hey-clay.com and specify in which country you are located?

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