Hidden Object Mystery Place – Be ready to face the real challenge

[Game] Hidden Object Mystery Place

Hidden Object Mystery PlaceIf you like solving mystery cases, you’re at the right place!

Be ready to face the real challenge of finding hidden objects and give a complete home makeover to mystery places.

App Invent presents another wonderful free offline hidden object game. Our unique story offers you a chance to find objects and enjoy the wonders of the mystery places! All you need to do is concentrate on the objects listed and find a hidden object from beautiful scenes.

Thi game is a classic “find the object game”, which is both educational and fun! By playing it, you can advance your vocabulary and have a lot of fun!

“Search and find objects” in mystery places and invite mystery into your world! Continue your investigation to one more mystery in the Game! If you like the mystery world’s environment and are ready to discover secrets in the house.


Many levels!
More than 10000 objects to find in this mystery world!
Zoom in-out to find the precise
No Internet connection is required to play!
Free and offline game!
High-resolution graphics!
Hidden Object scenes change every time you play!
Unique locations
Hints Available!
Play with amazing sound effects
More than 100000 hidden objects to find and 25000 levels inside this game
Amazing graphics environment
Collect the maximum amount of points and beat the clock
Classic Find the difference puzzle game

Our team is always improving the gameplay. We regularly introduce new features, so keep checking our updates.

Check our website:  appinvent.net/

If you have any suggestions please let us know at appinventfun[at]gmail.com

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Hidden Object Mystery Place user reviews :

I use games like this for memory skills therapy. Would prefer a game where I go back to a level to try again and test my memory on the same screen, trying to remember that was there before. There’s no status I can find. BUT!–the graphics are bright, it’s pretty easy to see items. (The zoom is a little glitchy, though.) A little frustrating that I silenced the music and sound–but when the ads pop up, the sound is there, blasting over the radio in my earbud. Silence should mean silence.

Objects are bright and easy to see, but just scattered randomly over the background without any thought as to their placement. There is no challenge since all of the objects are simply floating on top of the background, not integrated into it in a way that might cause you to have to look carefully. Also, a large banner ad across the top of the screen obscures the view of the play area.

Fun, easy. No story line. Just screen after screen of hidden objects. Graphics are nice. There is no time pressure. Ads play just about after every round but can be x-ed out of after 5 seconds. Good time waster. I like it and play every day.

Excellent game! It does get harder and harder. There are no levels for you to see where you are. Every game is different! This game is excellent for your mind which becomes sharper. Excellent upgrade to the game. I am hooked more on it. Headed to Level 1000.

Great hidden object game that you just look for the objects and dont have all the building towns, clearing land, and all that crazy stuff. Just like to find the objects n move on to the next level. Great job to all the developers and look forward to more of your games like this. Good job team…

I would like to know what stage I am on, no levels no performence, actually the graphics are very nice, very clear but no levels, sorry for that…..*18/7/21* Still can’t see level but, at least can see progress… Luckily nou timer, thanks… I can really promote this game, I dont even use to zoom, I can manage the adds and can quickly press the X when necessary

Sitting here in line at Walgreens and haven’t moved for 25 minutes. Great time to play this game. It’s challenging to play love it. Needs to change items more. Reuse items too many times in a row.

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Thanks to Heena for sharing Hidden Object Mystery Place

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