Remembery – How good is your memory

[Game] Remembery – Memory game pairs

RememberyBrain games. Match pictures and find out how good is your memory! Pictures match games.

Train your memory, concentration, accuracy, attention, the speed of thinking and logic skills and much more. This game is a great way to exercise your memory and keep your brain fit!


Play by making matches of pictures
5 game modes (classic memory games, adventure, remember all, timeout and with a limited number of moves)
12 difficulty levels: from 3×2 up to 8×12 cards
Card packs with funny cats, food, fruits and vegetables, flags, shapes, letters, music, sport, attractions and numbers
Simple and easy-to-master interface
3 themes at your option (dark, light, custom)
Play together with your family, kids and friends in multiplayer mode
Leaderboards and achievements
Small app size

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Remembery user reviews :

The graphics are nice, and everything’s smooth. However, unlike most memory-matching games, each level starts with the pictures hidden, so you must spend time randomly searching for matches. Can’t there at least be an option to start by briefly showing the pictures, so we have an honest chance to remember them? [EDIT, months later:] Guess not!

I have a hard time with my memory and so far spending 10-15min a day doing these games are actually helping. I like how the “levels” are set up in rows and switch gameplay every so often so it’s not the same excersize over and over again. Only annoying thing is the ad pop ups but that just seems like a common thing with any app now. It also helps pass time when you work a slow job lol. So far so good with this one.

Simple, straight forward game with not many ads. ( which is always good) but personally for me, I think this game would work better, if I actuallly knew what some of the items on the cards were. I also found it quite hard as the game went along because the items start getting really small ( Joy’s of old age) so I kept playing the same levels, but now I’m bored

Massive amount of ads, 5 sec ones at the start of almost every stage, which might be okay further into the game, but at the start you’ll be spending more time watching ads and the stage “intro” than playing the actual game. The game have occasional timed games, where to make the time, you need to start to click randomly on the tiles you can’t see BEHIND the intro screen, extremely awkward. The game isn’t nessecairly bad, there simply are better options out there.

UX is top notch. Loved it. Could find anything better.I just think that the game would be more effective if there was an option to have a quick glance of what was behind the cards as a head start, before matching pairs. Does not make lesser demands on your working memory. Still does it’s job ..trains your brain. But also Saves time ..lesser turning cards. It’s sad that I’m having to uninstall the app just because it’s missing this option. But would be glad to have it back if you did include it

It is beautifully designed and the best part is the lack of forceful adds. I’ve stopped playing many games because the amount of adds has got ridiculous, but in this it is only at the end of every few rounds. Definitely recommend. It’s relaxing but fun and great to keep your mind active in lockdown!

I am still in the first few levels but it is fun so far. My inly problem is the ads numbers. I get it it is for profit and i can subscribe so i don’t get ads but the timing of the ads is what i didn’t like otherwise it’s totally understandable to have ads in a free game.

Great game, I really love the artwork! I like the option to customize the background color as well as the ability to adjust card size. I spent a surprising amount of time playing through the levels and just having fun. I definitely recommend this app if you’re looking for a fun matching memory game and enjoy food!

  • Hello Mione. Thank you for detailed and kind review

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