Hydration reminder – Monitor the balance of water consumption

[App] Hydration reminder – Drink water

Hydration reminder  Water is the most important resource for the human body.

Your health, well-being, endurance, appearance, and your day-to-day energy all depend on how much water you drink. It is also helpful to drink water for weight loss, so it is extremely necessary to monitor the balance of water consumption during your diet and when working out.

Enter data about yourself, and the Water tracker app will determine how much water you will need to drink per day. Control of water consumption will help regulate the balance of water in your body, and take into account the effectiveness of different beverages. Tracking of water drank is displayed in a simple and attractive layout, with colorful illustrations.

Install the Water Tracker, and you will get a universal, very convenient and easy to use water meter for losing weight. Or an indispensable assistant for your physical activity. It will count the water and show progress in an understandable graphic form.

Individual calculation of water consumption rate

Your goal – how much water to drink per day – will be determined based on an analysis of your unique parameters.

Scientific approach

We will help find a healthy and stable habit for drinking water for 42 days!

Counting water and taking into account the effectiveness of certain drinks

How often do you drink pure water? And how much tea, which is not as effective for maintaining the right water balance? Do you go for a glass of wine at dinner? Our water tracker will correctly take into account each glass of soda or morning Americana.

The most user-friendly interface

The application remembers from where you most often get water, and what other drinks you like. To add new data to the counter of water drank is very quick and easy.

Controlling water will be your true friend on the way to better health and body cleansing! Time to drink water!

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Hydration reminder user reviews :

I love the clean design and I surely prefer it over the other apps with 1M+ downloads (I’m still puzzled why this app doesn’t have more downloads). I just wish it had dark mode.
  • Wachanga
  • Hello! Thank you for choosing our app. We will definitely get better
I think that the app is pretty cool but all the notifications are way too much
  • Wachanga
  • Hello, thanks for your feedback The number of notifications depends on the wakefulness period, which is set in the Application Settings.

Thank you SO much for this app!! I LOVE it. Helps me to stay hydrated AND I lost 1.3kg in just 1 week without any diet! My alarm starts at 7h and it keeps reminding me to drink something till bedtime. It’s also nice to not only have to drink water but also milk,juice,coffee,tea or cappuccino – that’s why I live this app SO much coz I’m not really just into water!

Fantastic app until the latest update hit. It went from a smooth and sleek water tracker to a clunky monstrosity. The interface was difficult to navigate and my goal for water was permanently set for 2.6 oz per day. I couldn’t change the goal no matter how many times I played with the settings. Unfortunately I had to uninstall it. This app lost all functionality after the latest update.
  • Wachanga
  • Hello! We are sorry about the problems you faced with. Thу goal is forming by the settings you insert in the app (high, weight). We will do our best to make the app more comfortable and friendly. Hope you can come back soon

I did a different water app before this one and I just felt like it was bossing me around. I love that this app also lets you add other liquids like tea and coffee, milk and such. makes me feel better about doing this if all liquids can be included. thank you I’ll be using this app every day!

Great app. Downloaded it today. I’m drinking more water now than I have in the past. I put in how much I weigh and my height and it gives the balance of water I need to drink to reach my goal. I don’t use paid items in this app.
  • Wachanga
  • Thank you for sharing your experience We are very happy to be of service to you.
I really like this app except it interrupts and stops my Pandora app from playing. I need my music to keep me going doing an intense but repetitive job. Had to make a choice. I can keep stopping to restart my apps.
  • Wachanga
  • Thank you for the review! It seems that our notifications stop playing your music in order to remind you about water input You can switch off the sound and the app will send you only push notifications.

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