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[Game] Idle Pirate Tycoon

Idle Pirate TycoonAhoy, Matey! Are you ready for your pirate adventure?

Get ready to send your pirate crew off to seas to snatch gold and riches! Set sailing and find tons of gold to build a better fleet of pirate ships. Wait! Was that a mermaid?

Manage your band of swashbucklers, build a powerful fleet, and amass the greatest pirate treasure! Take your ships through the seven seas, set a new base in a new island of the Caribbean, and explore where you will build your empire of piracy. Soon you’ll become a true pirate tycoon!

Land ahoy!! Expand your hideout on a tropical island to unlock bigger and better pirate ships.
As your power grows, you will discover new pillaging routes with more lucrative loots. Hire captains to manage your pirate ships and earn gold even while you’re not playing! This is both an online and offline idle game, but don’t worry, your captains will be taking good care of the loots they find while sailing on their own. Tap to explore new lands and battle against other pirate ships for the best loots.

Do you have what it takes to be the greatest pirate captain of all? Go and boost your fleet to make you extremely rich. The seas will be yours. Your name will be remembered as the pirate of the greatest plunders. Explore the ocean and on your pirate ships and build your very own adventure of piracy. The start won’t be easy, but worry not, Captain! Ships will keep bringing gold while you are offline. Once you go online, profit will be there waiting for you.

IDLE PIRATE TYCOON – Treasure Island
Build a fleet of powerful pirate ships
Automate your ships to increase your idle income
Profit from money investment to boost your economy and become rich!
Build up your idle billionaire empire simulation!
Explore a tropical island and expand your base
Increase your money online or offline in this tycoon game!

Tap on your anchor, captain! Behold the wonders of the sea, explore new lands, build your empire, and become a true tycoon!


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I thought it would be kind of like the mine tycoon game, where you keep progressing to new zones/levels, but it’s just the one bay. Mostly regretting paying for no ads at this point. Pretty much hit the end of the game in roughly a month

  • Thanks for the compliment, Captain Could you tell us how we can make the game more exciting for you? Feel free to send a message in a bottle to  community[at]

Three progression mechanics – leveling ships, buying new ships and leveling captains. There is so little to progress on. Also $15 to disable ads. Add some diversity. For example take a ship on raid to get new cannons. Or add some way to progress other than the current battle system and waiting for ships to bring in gold. Otherwise you sit and wait for cannon balls to do another battle…

  • Arrr, sorry to see that you don’t like our game. How can we make it more fun for you? We’d love to know! Share your suggestions with us at community[at]

Fun game, except your micro transactions are way too expensive for what they offer, so you won’t be getting any purchases from me. Removing ads on most games is 3.99, you want 12.99… Update for developer: I’m not quite sure what you’d like screenshots of, as my complaint here is about pricing and you set those, so you must know what I’m referring to.

  • Ahoy! Could you send a message to community[at] with more details and perhaps some screenshots so we can help you further? Thanks in advance

Played for just over two months . Got all the best ships at 300 except the huge one which seems a bit of a slog now it’s at 250 and can only upgrade a couple of times a day. finished all the battles so no need to do anything else. Unsure if it’s worth grinding out that last ship now there’s nothing to do Top Tip . Time your artifacts to all coincide with your large dock and then huge dock ships coming in.

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