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[Game] Idle Robot Inc – Idle, Tycoon

Idle Robot IncIdle Robot Inc is an idle robot company simulation game!

Join the Dovi robot company, there are many robots that we can build!
Build All the robots, save the world!

Recruiting employees: Earn more money to recruit employees and develop your robot company!
Fight: Use your robot to beat the aliens, save the world!
Minimal operation: Leave everything to the employees! You just need to develop the skills of your employees, and just sit and collect money.


Idle game
Fun animations and excellent 3D graphics
In real 3D perspective, you can observe the robot from multiple angles
Manage your own robot company and train your staff. Get more money
More excellent click game mechanics

Idle Robot Inc user reviews :

The game is good and a fun way to kill time when you are bored,but i have some problems. First:most of the time the game gets stuck in the loading screen which is annoying. Second:sometimes the game doesn’t even let me enter it and just puts a black screen or kicks me out. And thats pretty much all my problems,so please help me since this game is fun and entertaining.

Edit: game entirely stopped working after last update. Crashes on world entry. Almost every action you take results in an ad, gets boring fast. Original: Promising base for an idle game. Room for improvement, feels bare bones like it’s in beta. There are a few big glitches, doesn’t feel like it’s done yet so I’ll let that slide.

I’m noticing some problems. First off, make sure you’re completing the upgrade pieces for each bot before you start on the next. The last health upgrade for the 3rd bot is missing. Next, make sure you delevopers have the Chapter unlocks numbered correctly. Don’t have Chapter 15 on the first bot then have the number reset on the second bot to 1. The reason it’s confusing is that the upgrades are unlocked on different stages and this might cause problems acquiring the upgrades.

It was fun, until I unlocked hermes. I didn’t even get to see the comic and it just brought me to the beginning, and made me do a FORCE RESTART. My robot was downgraded and I had to restart, out of nowhere. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY, you can play this offline and it won’t bombard you with ads, it’s how I played.

A good game they put a lot of effort in time into designing the animations but the entire game is you put in effort to make the animation play faster and watching ads to get ending currency to do that I’d like it more if you could have more input on how the robot looks and be able to fight with it

Ok this game has the potential to be a 5 star game but. The comic book could be maybe (just spit balling here) a little longer. Also I gotta say that you put quite the bit of detail and that’s good. But you barley put detail in to the drones. But then there’s the colorful armor on the robots that made me happy. Then the super cool helmets and all the muscleari on the robot that didn’t make it look like one of those skinny robots. Those cool weapons ooh like those missiles. I love this game.

Very cool how you guys made it so you watch ads to earn and generous with the amount recieved. Not like most mobile games. Like any i have found. 5 stars because who ever devoloped this is a true fan of gaming and not buying into the money hungry mentality of this world. Thank yous for your hard work and dedication and a really enjoyable game. Hope to see more!

It’s a gooood game but it should be like we fight against monsters and we can control the mech from inside the head it would be awesome and the fighting map is plain make it like a devastated city or ocean something like that if you add all these it would be the best If you agree to add all these pls reply

My experience is great cool game four stars because some times it takes a little bit long of teleporting you eom times and there is a big where if you lose it says repair robot and there t is forty gems I pay thirty and it work and when you win there is no x button to go back to the robot or epuip the stuff you got you don’t get a choice

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