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[Game] A Villain Twisted Heart

A Villain Twisted Heart Since childhood, you’ve had the strange ability to breathe life into the words you read aloud. You recognized the dangerous potential of this gift long ago and swore never to use it — until a hooded stranger forces you to summon chaos into this world, and you accidentally read three handsome, familiar characters to life!

These are no princes in shining armor. They’re selfish, evil villains with their own secrets and motivations, and now they expect you to serve them… or else! How did you end up as the heroine in such a twisted fairytale?!

In this adventure spanning two seasons, can you write your own happily-ever-after ending, or will you fall victim to these villains’ wicked plans? One thing’s for sure — never judge a book by its cover!


Grimm — The Big Bad Wolf

“You look tasty enough to eat, little girl.”

Brash, headstrong, and kind of a delinquent, Grimm isn’t afraid to run headfirst into battle or say what’s on his mind. However, he gives everything his all, and you can’t help thinking he’s fighting for something important… but what could that be?

Hook — The Pirate Captain

“Don’t fall in love with me, hearty, or I’ll grow terribly bored. Where’s the thrill in such an easy conquest?”

Hook is an eye-catching leader who’s good at inspiring others. However, he’s also totally self-absorbed and thinks everything is his property — including you. He may be conceited, but you recognize a strange sadness in his eyes… What pain is this captain hiding in his bloody past?

Hisame — The Snow King

“You will serve your king, or I will freeze your heart and shatter it into a thousand pieces. Do you understand, human?”

Mysterious and ethereally beautiful, Hisame is often mistaken for a woman. You’re shocked to learn that behind his cool front, he’s incredibly cruel and coldhearted. When he’s alone, however, you see Hisame grimace and rub his chest… Just what is he after, and why do you sense such desperation?

A Villain Twisted Heart user reviews :

I was thrilled to FINALLY find one with unconventional protagonists. The story so far is pretty good. My only complaints are that the pacing is a bit too fast as far as storyline goes but at the same time the lack of intimacy between the chosen choices for the men is a bit off-putting, their relationship seems forced in some areas. The pacing is a bit off somehow.. The villain of the story is also rather flat in motive and personality. But all in all I’m thrilled to get to read Season 2 soon!

I really like this app’s take on the fantasy of reading things to life and romancing some nicely designed love interests! I skipped all the premium choices because I wanted to save the gems only to realise this story is split. Ending felt a little rushed. I did like the lighter scenes and comedy put in, but a little more of a romance feel could be achieved. I suggest adjusting the pacing of the story and giving a little more spicy moments to interest the reader more in the next part.

This was my favorite one that I’ve read. The designs the personality and the back story’s took me out. It was amazing. The mini game is complicated but it does give us a chance to choose the other one. The mini game does bring up my anger but it’s worth it in my opinion. But continue making these they are fantastic!

This was definitely an amazing game as always,the characters,the plot,the music and the graphics are top tier.My problem though is the bugs in the dialogue box.It keeps glitching and it’s kinda annoying to deal with but as far as my experience with all your games,I know it’ll always stay patched.Can’t wait for more of your games !!

Well this is an interesting game. I think the story is pretty cool with the books and different worlds aspect. I also like the characters and how they better themselves even after all they have been through. It does feel rushed here and there but it gets better later on.

Before it took around 20-30 minutes for you to get 2 or 4 points often and to win more rarely. Now from the first video up it gives 2 or 4 points, that is, if you succeed in winning. I feel forced to either wait a week to get enough diamonds for ONE choice or to just not choose diamond options at all, because it is simply not worth it to literally try to watch videos for hours and get barely ten diamonds. And that is with every game by genius now, before it wasn’t like this, but now it is.

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