Tap Blast Friends – Crush the candies

[Game] Tap Blast Friends

Tap Blast FriendsGet ready to have a blast in this brand new tile blast puzzle game!

Crush the candies with a satisfying tap of your finger and prepare for a challenging puzzle experience that will keep you hooked for hours!

Here’s what you can expect:
Dive into countless levels of addictive fun without any interruptions!
Crush fun and tricky obstacles that stand in your way!
Unlock a variety of potent power-ups to conquer even the toughest challenges!
Join or form a dream team and collaborate to get extra lives and sweet bonuses!
Compete against players worldwide and strive for the highest honors!
Collect stars and rewards to unlock amazing surprises and grand prizes!

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Tap Blast Friends user reviews :

I was hoping that the upcoming updates would include a feature to replay previous stages. It is a board in which all previous and upcoming stages are recorded, and it is a very simple idea. I hope this will be in the next update, I hope you like the idea. I would be grateful to you, if you please, because I like the game very much

  • Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us! We are always looking for ways to improve the game and make it more enjoyable for our players. We’ll consider incorporating it into future updates. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we’re thrilled to hear you love the game. Thank you once again for your support!

I was enjoying the game until you guys changed the The animation of how the blocks smash! I can’t put my finger on it but something is different and I don’t like it anymore

  • We appreciate your feedback. If you preferred the previous animation of how the blocks smash, you can switch it back in the settings. If you encounter any issues or can’t find the option, feel free to contact us through the in-game help system or send us an email(Developer[at]lianyugame.com). We’re here to assist you.

Like this game. the Issues I have is that it cost too many coins for more moves and boosters. You do get good rewards. Like the spinner booster. but, can quickly lose them if you run out of moves. Why charge so much for booster? Probably will have to Uninstall the game

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re constantly assessing in-game costs for a balanced experience. Your insights guide us. Please stay with us as we enhance the game. If you have more suggestions or questions, reach out anytime. Your input shapes the game. Thanks for being part of our community!

Lots if fun; until level 218. It locks up. No progress can be made.

  • We’re sorry for the trouble at level 218. Please email us at support[at]ourgame.com so we can help fix this issue and improve your experience. Your feedback is invaluable to us. Thank you!

This tap blast friends game is absolutely amazing the graphics are super amazing the game Play is fantastic this game is so addictive I can’t stop playing it

  • Thank you for your fantastic review and the 5 stars! We’re overjoyed to hear that you’re loving ‘Tap Blast Friends’ and find the graphics and gameplay amazing. Your enthusiasm is what motivates us to keep making our game better. Keep on playing and enjoy the addictive fun!

This is a really cute game … so far, the kennels have been easy enough to pass and I think that’s very important in Gabe’s like these. Players don’t want to be stressed when playing games, we wanna play for FUN and this is it!!!

  • Thank you for the delightful 5-star review! We’re thrilled you find the game cute and stress-free for some pure gaming fun. Your feedback encourages us to keep the enjoyment alive. If you have more to share or any questions, please reach out. Happy gaming!

Great for me and no ads

  • Thanks for your 5-star review! Glad you enjoy the game and our ad-free approach. We aim to provide the best experience. If you have suggestions or need help, feel free to contact us. Happy gaming!

Nice game, entertaining, and so far no ads forced on you. Definitely worth playing

  • Thank you for your fantastic 5-star review! We’re thrilled that you find the game entertaining and appreciate the ad-free experience. Your support means a lot to us. If you ever have any questions or feedback to share, please feel free to reach out. Enjoy the game, and have a fantastic time playing!

I love it very entertainment recommended to everyone

  • Thank you so much for your fantastic review! We’re thrilled to hear that you love the game and find it entertaining. Your recommendation means a lot to us. If you ever have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear them. Happy gaming!

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