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Learning for Kids  SUPER ADVENTURE RUN

We are glad to introduce you our new super adventure run – Funny Chicken Run & Jump! In this «jump and run games» the chicken collects various decorations on the run and receives prizes and bonuses for it. Whoever collects more points becomes a winner. At the end of each level new words will be written and pronounced, as well as a name of an animal or other object with a description and explanation in English. This is one of the best first apps for kids.

Boy and girl games consists of many levels. Each level has its own complexity and is designated by a specific number. The main hero of the chicken game is Funny Chicken Run & Jump, which can run fast, jump on hemps or over obstacles, and overcome various barriers such as large stones, fences and others.

Your main task is to help the chicken to collect as many bright jewelries as possible and get more points at the end of each level. In this game for girls and boys, each jewel has its own size, color and shape: circles, triangles, squares, diamonds, pentagons, hexagons, etc. You can get a certain number of points depending on the size, color and shape of the decoration: the larger the size, the more colors and the more complex the geometric shape of the decoration, the more points you can get for it. During each level you should always try to get the highest amount of such jewels. Some bright big gems give 100 points at once; one such pebble will help to leave competitors far behind. Some of the gems in this app for kids are also boosters, that will speed up our Funny Chicken Jump & Run for some time and help you to pass the obstacles faster.

Please note that the right corner of the screen displays the number of points collected per each game for kids. It is possible to keep track of the number of points, and this is especially useful when several children take turns playing the game and compete for the total number of points scored.

Each level of this super adventure run is about to be over if you see a henhouse. At the end of such chicken coop a child learns a new word or a name of an animal, for example a cat. Thus, children will learn what letters the word “cat” consists of, how it is spelled correctly and pronounced in English, each letter and the word as a whole. This is one of the best games for learning English for the kids’ early development.

You can always choose any level of the game. But we strongly recommend starting from the first – the easiest, then the second, and so on in order of complexity.

With the help of the game for girls and boys – Funny Chicken Games Free, kids will learn to recognize colors, sizes and geometric shapes of objects, and will also begin to memorize the letters, words and names of animals. Install Funny Chicken Run & Jump right now!

Learning for Kids user reviews :

If you are looking for kids learning games that are well educative and figurative then here is your solution. The user interface is just fine, your kid can easy navigate through. Check it out and empower your kid. Thanks.

Graphics of this game app is eye catchy and music is so pleasing to the ear. My little sister getting too much benefit from this app and where as she took this game as a learning games for kids. Mostly shape and colors is being her favorite one. After all i suggested also for my other siblings.

This children games is excellent and fun to use. It’s very unique app and really useful for learning for kids. The app is well organized and very nice graphics quality. It is just superb.

Just installed this app and the performance is amazing,good Interface, especially for kids learning does exactly what is promised.Highly recommend this,check it out guys!! Definitely worth downloading! My kid just can’t keep off my phone,check it out!!

Undoublty its a very good app, basically for the children who can lear words with pictures. I can’t beleive that this app is adds free. It amused me that there is no booring adds.I prefer to my friends this baby game for their babies.

To be honest this app has the best learning games for kids. I love the fact that it has smart shapes and colors making it the best app with toddler games for 3 year olds

Chicken Game – Fun Run. Games For Girls And Boys. is the best learning games for kids. I have never seen such kind of games for kids in Bangladesh. Kids will learn so many things from this app by playing this games. Thank You very much for making this apps.

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