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We curate the highest quality content and bring them to you everyday (5:00am PST/ 6:00am PDT). Come back every day for something new, 365 days a year.

Exclusive Titles
We bring you exclusive titles from top talent in the webtoon industry!
We have something for absolutely anybody – from office workers to students. Experience the hottest new titles from the giants to crazy, new ideas from the up-and-coming writers and artists. Only on Lezhin!

Free Episodes
We provide free content everyday. Whether you’re into romance, horror, action, or even something queer, come back everyday to check what we’re offering for free.

Genres Galore – BL, GL, Gore, Mystery, Martial Arts, and Many More
For hardcore comic fans and new readers alike, we are the only premium webtoon service with every genre imaginable – even BL, GL, and gore for comic maniacs!

Save and Read HD Quality Comics
All Lezhin Comics are available in HD image quality. Collect your favorite picks in ‘My Library’. Experience comics in crisp HD on your smartphone.

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Sync your reading lists and purchases across desktop internet and your app. Continue reading seamlessly from home on your PC, at work, while commuting on your smartphone – wherever, whenever, however. Read Lezhin Comics on a large screen on our desktop website, then switch to your smartphone app and continue reading where you left off!

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Lezhin Comics user reviews :

Stories are great, but the points are pretty much useless, when you get a certain amount it gives you a 90¢ discount when buying coins to unlock more episodes, or you have to wait to redeem gifts which are pretty much a 30% chance compared to points , or install an app through the redeem coins thing and get to certain goal (usually takes between an hour-two and a few months to complete) to earn coins, so I think they should get rid of points or make it 50/50 between coins and points

It is a really good app and have interesting comic to read but to read some of the chapters in the comic you need coins and getting the coins are impossible. There are free games to play to get coins but you don’t get the coins even if you the game, which is not fair.

I love the app. Especially when i want to read something thriller and suspension story. But the app make me feel frustrating when about to unlocking the story by coins and you know why. I ever try the free coin zone and it doesn’t work. I wish there is another easy way even take a long time to gain the coins. I suggest you to use the idea of login in daily to gain some random gift. Also for the point, sometimes i feel it so pointless to gain the point. Hope you can consider it.

t allows me to purchase and “own” my comics, and it doesn’t automatically skip to the next chapter like its web-based counterpart. That’s awesome, because it was inconvenient. 3 humble requests: Please allow us to download owned chapters, and please publish more gender bends. Friggin’ love ’em as a trans person. Lastly, dark mode. Thanks!

I love reading it and I love to spend my money on it but the coins is too expensive. I can spend little by little but this is too much… I only reading relying on free coins that also has expiry date on it. I cannot save this coins. What a sad thing.

i think the new update is much better for a broke like me there are 3 chapters for every 2 weeks that u can get for free, unlike before 1 chapter every week, so i guess it’s much better now.

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