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Tinyview Comics Tinyview brings you bite-sized comics that are perfect for your coffee breaks.

There’s something for everyone on Tinyview. Follow comic series you like and we’ll let you know when they publish new comics.

Read free comics or subscribe to unlock bonus panels and premium comics. When you subscribe, you’ll be supporting artists so that they can keep making great comics. We pay all of our artists, illustrators, writers, editors, and fact checkers.

“These Science Comics Were Made To Be Read On Smartphone Screens”
– Eva Amsen, Forbes.com

“Reading comics on your phone was a dystopian nightmare of constant pinching and squinting—until Tinyview came along!” said Itchy Feet creator Malachi Ray Rempen. “Getting your panels delivered in a finger-friendly way is probably the best thing to happen to comics since the Sunday funnies in color.”

“Tinyview is creating the future daily comics page that newspapers used to provide,” said Matt Bors. “The phone will be the new comics page and creators applaud Tinyview for enabling that future.”

Tinyview, IN SCIENCE WE TRUST, and Product Plug are trademarks of Newput Inc dba Tinyview in the USA and other countries. Visit us online at tinyview.com. Contact us by sending an email to support@tinyview.zendesk.com.

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Tinyview Comics user reviews :

The app is slow and laggy, it keeps telling me I am not a subscriber, then when I redo my subscription tells me I am. The comics I follow are not always easily accessible from my home screen and when I click on a push notifications most of the time it either doesnt take me to the comic it notified me about, or the comic won’t load. I would use a different app if my favorites weren’t on this one!

Supporting comics in a real way and getting daily comics is great! I followed one of my favorites comics here and then found new ones that I love. 5 stars, highly recommended!!!!!

App updated yesterday and now my homepage won’t load the new comics. It’s stuck on showings comics from a week ago. I keep refreshing and nothing new loads even though I got a notification saying new comics have been posted. For an app that I pay for, this happens way too often.

Love Tinyview! Some creators are sluggish in updating and we haven’t had any new creators in awhile. But overall, I love getting notifications that a new strip is available. It’s a nice brain break from the idiocy in our world right now.

Great concept and value for the money. The app is clunky though. Keeps asking me to log in and then verify my account. Sometimes it gets stuck in a “create your profile” loop and I give up on reading the comic because I’m frustrated. I’m sticking with it because I believe in the concept of paying artists and content creators directly.

I enjoy following several comics and knowing that I’m supporting the creators with a small monthly fee. The app itself works well and has a decent design that has been improving consistently since I first installed it. Update: I will go back to 5 stars when there is an ability to HIDE the comments so I don’t have to see them. I hate having comments visible, I just want to see the comics and nothing else. The comments add no value for me, they just stress me out, so I want to turn them off.

  • Meredith, thanks! Can you try the latest release? We have thoroughly changed the user interface and now you can share comments publicly and privately with your friends. Hope you like it.

The app still needs work. Any page change take 3-5+ seconds to load, and often does not show a loading animation, so it feels like it’s doing nothing. The next button goes to the previous day’s comic, and the previous button goes to the next comic!?!? Plus, the next/previous buttons don’t even work in certain views. Finally, there is a very small amount of content overall that it doesn’t feel worth the trouble. I would like to support the creators, but this app is too frustrating to use.

Good idea! Very nice to see Itchy Feet here. Cons: 1) need more content (other webcomics like Gilbert, etc.) 2) UX is really lacking: a very cluttered list of comics releases I’ve subscribed to (need simply a sleek view of new posts in calendar order) and navigation (esp. back action handling is not intuitive in many places – like taking me back to the comics’ own page instead of the page I’ve come from) Would have been 5 stars otherwise…

  • Dmitry, thanks for your feedback. We have improved the UX quite a bit since your comments. E.g. the homepage now shows new posts in calendar order. You can even choose (follow) which comic series should show up on your homepage! Now we have separate < Back button (kind of like .. on Unix/Linux) and Home button which goes to the app homepage.

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