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[Game] Tomb of the Forbidden Falcon

Tomb of the Forbidden FalconAs an archaeology student, you’re thrilled when you’re selected for a prestigious internship at a dig site in Egypt. Your first field study takes an unexpected turn, however, when you and your companions discover an ancient mummy, and people around you begin to die… Together, can you uncover the truth behind this curse and save the expedition, or will you end up as its next victims?


The cool, aloof, and wealthy son of the head researcher, Kaito has been hailed as the most promising Japanese archaeologist in decades. Although you’ve never met, you can’t shake the feeling that there’s something familiar beneath his controlled demeanor…

An energetic Egyptology student, Itsuki’s a fellow intern from your university with whom you bond over your shared love of confectionary. While his knowledge of hieroglyphics is second to none, you soon discover Itsuki’s terrified of the supernatural. Can you help him keep his head when things start to go awry?

A charming and mature linguistics student, Youssef works part-time at the dig site as an interpreter and general handyman. His fluency in both Arabic and Japanese make him an indispensable part of the team, but you can’t help but notice he seems more comfortable being relied upon than relying on others…

Tomb of the Forbidden Falcon user reviews :

Apart from the rushed ending, the game is really enjoyable. The story is well-structured, characters, at least for me, are more lovable than usual and I found myself caring about them. 10/10 would recommend.

The love interest are all very interesting and I see that their feelings are genuine, can’t believe they can balance career and love life though that’s a shocker. But in a serious note The story was really interesting, overall game experience was good however I don’t know if it’s just me or not but some scenes keeps freezing. Still good game

I always loved Egypt and its mythology. So I was very excited when I found this game. It is full of mystery and supernatural elements, just what I was looking for! All the characters grew on me, but I chose Youssef! His warm, protective and teasing nature drew me in. And the way he called me “Little Moon”! I am such a simp. The ending was so cool and wholesome too! Really reccommend this game!

The story was different from the usual and was fun! The characters were great and it was fun to delve into another region (Egypt). What was weird is that one of the ‘villains’ just dissapears, whilst the MC’s are fighting the main villain he seems to vanish. Maybe i missed something? Overall 4/5

My favorite! I have played almost all of the games from Genius Inc. and really love them all but this one is my absolute favorite. The story is great and the LIs are wonderful. Great job with this one, I truly love it. I can’t wait to read more of your stories. Also, thank you for giving us the mini-game. It has really helped me along the way. This is definitely worth playing.

I look for pure, mild stories that are kindhearted, not “spicy” or lustful. i want sweet. I want one guy i can love,i want one true love not a harem , I’d hate it if they ever introduced “choose all “ending, it ruins INTEGRITY. The mc in genius games is mostly likeable ,which is a relief. For now, this is one of the more fun games by genius, with a fun story and characters though paid choices don’t make these games my go to otomes.

Good storyline, but I wish it was easier to get diamonds like having a reward system. Such as if you sign in everyday, you receive 20 free diamonds. To make it easier and encourage people to use the app.

It’s good as always, and unfortunate that the only free rubies we got at the beginning can only be used for 1 special dialogue options also hope this will get a 2nd season!

I started loving this game from the first chapter!! The plot is well made and you can learn a lot about archeology and Egypt so it’s also very interesting! I rlly enjoyed playing this game and I definitely recommend

Eh could be better I guess.MC is your basic main girl in every harem love story,setting was pretty unique tho but I just don’t feel the hype in this game as much as the other ones and idk why but the game keeps crashing at least 3 times in every episode and it starts all the way from the very beginning of the ep and it’s soooo annoying bruh.

Great job you guys I loved this new story I love loved it and I love the ending and thank you so much keep up the good work and yeah make more stories like these about archaeology and everything, because it was perfect.

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