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[Game] Logic Puzzles Daily – Solve Logic Grid Problems

Logic Puzzles Daily  Logic Puzzle fans, meet your nemesis!

Created by a team of puzzlers who have been completing these grid-based logic problems for decades, the Logic Professor challenges you to work your way through level after level of his brain-teasers. Can you beat his time for each logic puzzle and win bragging rights, or will you be the recipient of another of his intellectual wisecracks?

The game starts you off with more than a hundred free logic puzzles, with new puzzles added every day as part of our Daily Challenge feature. Enjoy a new, free brain-teasing logic problem every day direct to your iPhone or iPad or build your collection with one of our puzzle pack add-ons.

Use logic and deduction to solve your way through the Professor’s Logic University with the difficulty level of the puzzles rising with each completed logic problem. Global leaderboards mean you can measure your performance against players from all over the world – or invite your Facebook friends and see if you can beat their times for each grid!

The Professor has even prepared a load of logical achievements for you to master – for example, can you beat him twice in a row, or how about five times? He thinks it is unlikely…

The gameplay is simple but addictive and Logic Puzzle Daily boasts all the latest logic puzzle features, including Auto X, Hints, Error Checker and Multi-Level Undo. For the harder logic puzzles you can use the Notes section to help you work through the clues and solve the puzzle.

These logic puzzles are all brand new and created especially for this app, not licensed or published before somewhere else.

Email: support[at]twinwizards.com
Facebook: facebook.com/twinwizardsapps
Website: logicpuzzlesdaily.com

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Logic Puzzles Daily user reviews :

A fair amount of free content that has taken a while to go through. Boxes are easier to mark on mobile than some other games I’ve played. I haven’t encountered the progress reset bug that seems to have affected others.

Best logic game I have found to date. Pleasing graphics, visually well-organized, and very, very hard! Want more! $60/yr is steep. Wd gladly pay a fixed price of up to $10, but not as much or more than one of my subscription TV services. Great app, can you be more realistic on price?

I really enjoy the app, but the problem is, every few days it completely deletes all of your progress. You have to start from scratch, doing the same puzzles over and over again. I even paid for and then cancelled a subscription because it is very frustrating. I’m actually going to delete, because while stimulating, its annoying to have to keep starting over. Update: I haven’t had any issues with the app deleting in over a week. 1/16/2022- Lowered my rating because the app is deleting again.

Overall I like it. Daily puzzles and you can play up to about 5 days back, plus some easy, medium, and hard puzzles. My main complaint is you must watch ads for hints but then it doesn’t explain the logic, it just says “this is false/true. Mark it with X/O”. Also to unlock one pack, you must invite a friend (post to fb; I posted with privacy set to Only Me) for the first half and write a review here to unlock the second half… Anyway, yeah, clearly 4/5 as I’ve rated above.

Fun puzzles, but the app constantly resets my progress. I bought a puzzle pack and it reset my progress at least four times before I finally made it through all 30 puzzles. It’s reset again, so back at the first puzzle. Since games are timed, I’d love to see my times next to the completed puzzles so I know which ones take longer if I want to replay.

Well done game, but it loses your progress pretty regularly. I had just about completed all of the games that came with it and was about to purchase a pack when everything zeroed out, including my steak of daily puzzles. That’s frustrating.

It comes with free puzzles (about 50) then you pay $2 per pack which is 30 puzzles or a monthly fee for all. There’s a challenge of beating the time which feels impossible, and one thing that I don’t like is how you have to go in order for the puzzles and can’t just pick and choose which ones you want to complete first. There’s no ads/ very little which is nice.

I’m happy with the puzzles and the level of difficulty, but I very much dislike the maskot and the time limits which are impossible to beat! In addition, in other games simply filling up the top 3 grids is enough to finish the puzzle but in this one you have to fully complete all 5, wasting time unecessarily. I’d be happier if the time limits for the excellent scores were more manageable, but apart from that it’s a good app.

Great mind game. If the puzzles didn’t refresh every month it would be better, but I forget them from month to month and it’s almost like having new ones again.

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