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[App] Luna diary – journal on the moon

Luna diary  Luna diary : How to use

Express the mood of the day as the moon.
As you use a diary, the number of flowers and stars increased.
The state of the moon changes according to the number of diaries written in the last 30 days.
Keep your photos, videos and music in your diary.
Diary with lock – Password and finger print.
A moon shape widgets.
Various themes

If you have any problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by email

Permission to add photos, music, and video files in the repository.

Permission to save backup files and shared images.

Luna diary user reviews :

They added a lock since I first downloaded it, this app is awesome! I love the themes and music for the app— they make it so atmospheric! Sometimes I fall asleep while writing . I have another suggestion for the devs: make it so we can select multiple images to add to our entries at once instead of us having to add each image one at a time. Also once we reach star animation the stars move WAY too fast and look more like snow

it is an amazing app, you will see how it develops your skills bacause it provides you with pretty fine inspiration, you can add music to the text so when you enter the text after a while you will hear the music automatically, also you can transform your texts into a word file in just a moment literally! .. it’s just an amazing app and i recommend it for everyone who think they want to tidy up thier minds and write a beautiful texts.

I downloaded this app last night, so far I very much am enjoying it. I do love the choices in the settings! The music is spot on, and I felt comfortable in writing my thoughts, However I am having some troubles with the appearance part. Please get back with me asap as I would love to continue using this app!. Thank -you l.

It’s my favourite diary app so far! It’s very stylish yet relaxing. It’s more simple compared to other diary apps so it won’t have that many extra features, but that can also be a plus for people that like more simple diary apps. The music plus the theme of this app honestly is what makes me choose it over others. It feels so calming and makes me feel comfortable to write it in at night.

It’s really a nice app. Has good fonts and everything but I have one suggestion can you please make the music changeable. I have no problem with the system’s music but I really want to change it with my fave music. Also there is this option where I can change the music and I thought Its for the whole app but the music only plays when you’re reading your entry. Please enable it to play even if we’re writing or just in the home page. Thanks!! Godbless xoxo

I just downloaded this app a few days ago and I must say, I have enjoyed it so much that I have downloaded it on several devices and paid the premium on all devices. I love the concept of having such a beautiful place to collect my thoughts daily and the calming music is a major plus. The images and backgrounds are so serene and make it easy for me to put my thoughts and feelings to paper. Five star’s from me, even more if I could.

I honestly enjoyed it more then I expected. I always write down my thoughts at the end of the day. It’s nice to type out all my thoughts. It’s so relieving. The music also makes my mind peaceful to think calmly. I love how you can change the appearance of basically everything. The themes, fonts etc and for privacy u even have a password setting! I live how they gave a option to choose how you want your adds to come. The adds are not disturbing at all. Will recommend!!

really nice. however, there’s a glitch or something, not sure what to call it, where whenever i finish writing an entry, the “card” for the entry doesn’t show up. i have to close the app in order for it to show up. also, i feel like on the opening screen (where the theme/background is displayed) there should be a way to have the “write,” “list,” “close,” “theme,” and “settings” widget-thingies appear on the side (or where the user chooses) in little stars or bubbles, instead of on the bottom.

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