Spellbound Schoolgirls – Will you unlock the secrets of the school

[Game] Spellbound Schoolgirls – Anime Girlfriend

Spellbound Schoolgirls  Unlock the magical secrets of three cute little witches!


It’s your first day at school and you’re one of the first male students at a former girls-only school! You’re a little nervous at first, but you’ve got supportive classmates to help you out. However, you soon realize that this isn’t just any school… It’s a school for wizards! And unfortunately, you’ve got no magical powers!

Luckily, you befriend a couple of very cute little witches that help you fake your magic abilities. You soon find yourself enjoying a (somewhat unique) high school life! However, it seems like there’s a reason that you were invited to this school. It seems that you may have some kind of ability that no wizard has…

Will you unlock the secrets of the school? Will you find your magical sweetheart? Find out in Spellbound Schoolgirls!


The Cute Classmate – Kana

Kana sits next to you in class and can be a little shy at times, but is a curious soul with a tendency to get herself caught up in trouble. She’s also a surprisingly talented witch whose magical abilities will definitely prove useful.

The Tsundere Class President – Haruna

Considered the “class mom,” Haruna is hugely popular among the other students and even has her own fan club. Though she can be very blunt, there’s a much kinder side to her that you might just get to see if you’re lucky enough.

The Mature Student Council Head – Mai

Mai is one of the first people to find out you can’t use magic and helps you fake your magic abilities. She’s mature for her age and always seems to keep a level head, but she’s also very interested in unlocking the secrets of the school…

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Spellbound Schoolgirls user reviews :

Story line of this game is great but we have to download each episode of game through internet that’s anoying & we have short number of gems so can’t make more choices developers should think about it

This story and it’s characters are grat but I kind of wish the main character did kind of have some magic abilities other than that it was superb and I wish that there would be a season 2

I’m not halfway through the game yet and I’m already enjoying most of it,the gems though… it’s only fitted for one premium choice but you can earn them if you’re not that lazy and the tickets,you need to wait for 2 or such hours but, it’s worth it. Overall though,the game is awesome and I am looking forward for more of these genres in your upcoming otome games. Edit: I finished the game a few days ago and left me a bit disappointed,I thought MC had actual powers but it’s still awesome as it is

I like how this game ‘actually have a story’ because not only it focuses on the 3 heroine but the world itself. I like the MC because he’s such a CHAD, sadly they left it with a cliffhanger. If this game actually planning to have a sequel it would be great just don’t make a disappointing sequel

WOW! This is so good! I like the strory,the way all the girls react,their personality is so cute and fit for each characters,and ofc the art is superb! The story is funny but at the same time it’s so cute….I don’t know how to described it,but anyway it’s GOOD!

Amazing game, great use of characters and storyline, despite some grammar errors, the game is awesome, I’ve completed it with a playtime of 6 hours and 50 minutes, only thing I’d say to improve is premium choices, bit unfair if we’re limited but apart from that, fantastic, not bored once!

This was an amazing game and its now one of my absolute favorites. The story was good, I love the girl’s personalities, especially mai. Plus I definitely love the artwork, it’s amazing and very pretty. This game is absolutely amazing and I truly recommend to others, especially those who appreciate the small things such as conversations, and artwork. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next game, I just know it’ll be great like this one.

I LOVE ITTT!!! I’ll look forward for more updates… But I rate it only four because it doesn’t have the special gem choice like the old games like you know that it is not that intimate I really like those heh.. And the ending it is quite good to be honest but yeah the intimate parts its missing. So I’m just suggesting this, it’s ok if you don’t want that… Just suggesting but I love all of your work, make more!

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