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[Game] Magic Chronicle – Isekai RPG

Magic ChronicleExclusive pre-registration rewards: HERO-Julius Caesar*1、Common Soulstone*60、Basic Enhance Torrent*100、Bounty Pass*1、Huge Amount of Autoplay Income (9 hours)*1

This isekai world combines light and magic, embodying love and perseverance!
Interesting treasures are scattered throughout the world, each with its own mysteries and landscapes, waiting to be explored by adventurers.
You will embark on a joyful and relaxing adventure with cute and charming epic heroes…

Marco Polo: I pretty much never sit by the pool anymore.
Nightingale: Be nice to me I may be your nurse someday.
Julius Caesar: I conquered the whole world and the best they can do is name a salad after me?

Awake Magic Power of Hundreds of Heroes
Summon hundreds of epic heroes and experience the legendary stories behind them.
Get 1000 consecutive draws upon logging in, high chance to get SSR heroes. Every member of your team can be in the spotlight!

Explore Unknown Adventures in Isekai World
Experience a pure and authentic adventure in the isekai world.
Enjoy exquisite and healing hand-drawn art by world-class artists.

Enjoy Fun Strategic Battles
Engage in fun and exciting battles, clear levels while having a blast.
Choose your favorite heroes and build a dream team with fantastic rewards to start off strongly.

A Large Variety of Skins & Outfits
A wide variety of equipment, pets, and outfits to choose from.
Select from a dazzling array of outfits such as mysterious robes, sunny sailor suits, and handsome suits.

Win Effortlessly with Luxurious Welfare
Get random and generous rewards for the whole server.
Just sit back and relax to receive unexpected wealth when the lucky cat meows.


Magic Chronicle user reviews :

It has been receiving widespread acclaim, and its excellence lies in various aspects. The captivating art, characterized by beautifully hand-drawn visuals, immerses players in a mesmerizing world. The intricate design of this world enhances the overall gaming experience, with each area offering a unique and carefully crafted environment. Moreover, the challenging combat mechanics add depth to the gameplay, requiring players to master their skills as they navigate through

I got soft-locked during the tutorial. It forced me to add a 5th member to my team, but I already had 5 members on my team. It would not let me remove any teammates as it was forcing me to click on a specific thing. I quit the game and relaunched hoping that would fix it, and now it is stuck on loading screen at 50% – checking resource pack. I’m hoping these issues are fixed because I was actually enjoying this game!

The game is great so far. But I’m having problem with the audio, it’s not working even though I restarted my phone and the game. Fix it immediately please others are enjoying it I don’t see any problems in my phone. I tried reinstalling it but it’s the same. I found out that many users are complaining about the audio bug in the FB page.

Honestly this isn’t a bad game by any means. I’ve noticed people are review bombing over the whole log in thing, which still doesn’t make sense to me. I logged in with Google, no problems have happened. It asks for you to make an account on their site, you’re welcome to or not, either way it won’t block access. The characters are quite neat, everyone has a bio, features are easy to navigate and quite enjoyable. You aren’t bombed with ads or BUY THIS NOW. It’s pretty fun imo. Give it a try first.

Seems cute! I’m excited to play and the gameplay seems straightforward so far. But one thing I’ve noticed is that the sound isn’t working. I’ve made sure my phone volume is on and that no other app is having problems with sound. Very strange!! But I do enjoy the game so far.

I enjoyed it. I have uninstalled because there are so many rewards and packs and things that in 2 hrs you can skip stages entirely and lose the modicum of story there is. I was in stage 8 and not slowing down. Had LVL 100 heroes. Again in 2 hrs. Just too fast of progress.

Login hangs at 50% and requires reinstalling each time. Tutorials can break the game and require you reinstall when logging back in due to login hang. From the very little I’ve seen I’m also unsure why this has Isekai in the title. Has Google login but acts like that isn’t a bind so there’s concern about losing account data.

Too early to rate the game in 1 mins. It is totally unfair for all players to get experience the game system long. Beside, please make more story about their journey and destiny, don’t too short for a little dialog in long battle, losing the taste of story telling.

Played for about an hour and I have to say the animations are amazing and the smoothness of the gameplay is great as well. Probably the best animations for an AFK game I’ve ever seen. In my opinion this game has the potential to be much larger than AFK Arena. Good job Devs

For those who are stuck in the loading screen redownload the game it’s probably just a bug Decent game with smooth graphics haven’t seen any story yet? It’s the typical idle gacha(?)(haven’t drawn any units yet but I suspect that’s how you get new units) the game has just giving me free stuff

Beautiful graphics and simple gameplay, looking forward to go through the story. However, game could not even load past start loading screen when signal is slightly slow. Please fix this connection issue. Thanks

Played couple of hours, it feels very outdated for idle game. No auto forward through stages (at least for f2p) comparing to some others which already exist on market. Wish you could just fight through all stages along with boa not only raid one…wait…fight with boss…and again. Its like slightly updated afk arena +all dupe system and upcoming power creep along with some of idle huntress skin and events. Its OK but first couple of hours but nothing special. Art is nice.

This game has changed my life. My whole outlook on everything that exists in this world, in fact even in the entire universe. I can never look at anything I know the same way ever again. This game represents emotions most humans could never comprehend. But I can. Thanks to this game I have been awakened to many things previously thought unimaginable. Thank you.

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