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[Game] Arcana Tactics

Arcana Tactics  Use the power of the revolver to launch yourself into a new world of random defense!

Arcana Tactics
The more you play, the better it gets! A brand new advanced auto battler strategy game that will challenge a true gamer like yourself!
Give it all you’ve got!
Formulate the ultimate game plan using your heroes, Arcana, and currencies!

A New Guild Raid Boss is Here!
Take on this powerful foe with your guild members and earn rewards!

Defeat the stunningly beautiful World Bosses and claim new powerful heroes!

Unique Battles and Hero Combinations
Every battle offers infinite possibilities!
Combine and deploy the best heroes within the given time and play the game how YOU want to play.

Arcana: The Ultimate Strategy
Pick from over 70 Arcana cards and build your own deck
Your Arcana cards will determine your battles. Choose your own destiny!

A Wide Variety of Heroes
Archer, Paladin, Marionette, Vampire, and more!
Featuring over 139 heroes, each with their own lovely illustrations and adorable models.

So Many Modes, So Little Time
The battlefield isn’t the only place where you’ll need Arcana spreads and hero combinations.
Story Mode, Quests, Arena, and Multiplayer await you as well!

Official Arcana Tactics Website

This game is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, and Bahasa Indonesia

Smartphone App Permissions

The following permissions are requested to allow you access to the listed in-game features.

Optional Permissions
STORAGE (Photos/Media/Files): Permission is required to save and load in-game screenshots and videos. This app will not access any personal files other than game data.
If logging in with a HIVE account on an Android version lower than 4.4, permission is required to change your profile picture.””
PHONE (Device): Permission is required to run in-game events, reward prizes, and manage player support. This app will not access device functions such as making phone calls.

Optional permissions are not required to play. However, disabling them will restrict access to related features.
If your device is running on a version lower than Android 6.0, you will be unable to set optional permissions. We recommend upgrading to Android 6.0 or higher.
Some apps may not ask for optional permissions. However, you can still manage your app permissions and deny access.

How to Revoke Permissions
You can reset or revoke permissions using the following steps:

Android 6.0 and up
Open Settings > Apps > Select app > Permissions > Allow or deny access

Android 5.1.1 and lower
Update your operating system to revoke permissions or delete the app from your device.

Arcana Tactics user reviews :

A five star game because it have an inovative and unique gameplay, some features are in developement but they are to be axpected in a game in early stage, never the les the game is funn and I can recomand to any strategy lovers out there reading this

I think the game has amazing potential for long turn play. I like the art and combat a long. There are so many combinations too. I think PVE needs a complete revamp, I know it’s in beta but as a new/early person you can’t even get pass wave 4 or so and you get tokens to run way faster than you can burn through them early on. The difficulty of it should be scaled down some for more grind and enjoyment. Overall I recommend trying!

Game is great! The visuals are also top notch. One odd thing I noticed about the character art is a weird shimmering line going through some of them. For example the summer festival soul bow, its very easily noticeable. Right through the chest and also on upper arm going around to shoulder. But it also occurs on other characters. It stands out like a sore thumb when the rest of the game is so beautiful.

Great game! I love the combining/evolution system. The 1 min. timer between waves forces the player to plan paths to endgame characters in advance, but be flexible enough to adjust if random drops don’t work out. Collecting/combining 16 specific base characters into an awesome 5 star hero while in combat gives a sense of accomplishment. The music is good, but the game needs a bit more personality.

can you make hero envolve more easy..some time lose in thinking or choosing what hero want to upgrade in battle…that annoying timer..and gold currency too low to get..and story quest harder and harder…if this keep player will fun..just make easy on hero change job more easier to use

I like the game. It requires strategy to build the right teams to beat levels. The one thing that makes this game not a five star is having a broken multi-player. There is an event going on to win 5 quick battles. I get kicked out of the game after a victory because of a network connection issue but my connection is fine. It doesn’t count the victory. If multi-player could be fixed then it’s worth playing that section.

This may not be a game for everyone, but I personally am awed with the gameplay. The battle system is simply amazing, very fun to play. Nonetheless, the characters and art are very well done as well. Give it a go, you might like it too

Great idea guys. Now if only I had a pot farm then I’d be set. Too bad. Also bad, I cants tap while relaxing. Personally this game is a miss.

Latest Update :

New 5-star LE Hidden Hero, Mio
Two new Reverse Arcanas
New Stories and Chapters
New Dungeon: Tower of Infinity
New Growth System: Hero Revolve
2 Year Anniversary Special Event

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Video :

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